FOF #512 – Ratting Out Your Friends

Apr 13, 2007 · 1985 views

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Real friends tell you when you are wrong. What do you do when you catch your best friend making out with a boy at a pool party and know full well she shouldn’t be doing […]


  1. corey says:

    Victoria is hysterical! She is a Fernos for sure! While I was listening to the podcast today for a moment it felt like I was trapped in a Puerto Rican-style episode of Laguna Beach.

  2. hey so the site changed today! Great! I’m staying awake until you post todays episode (2 am, as usual I hope)

    Great show this one. But Victoria should’ve kept the secret, right?

    Love you guys!

  3. We’re leaving that answer to you guys. I think it was ok for her to tell on her friend if she was really worried about her. Thats what friends do.

  4. RcktMan says:

    I *Heart* Victoria Morales!!! Victoria was so much fun. Talk about a young lady who has her shit together. Let’s hear it for Victoria!!!

  5. you have an awesome neice. It was very entertaining to hear her in the show! I’ve heard her before but this had more!

    and i think it was fine for her to tell on her friend.. i mean.. that friend of her has some issues… being with a 10 year old boy…that is very strange. o_O

    btw the site looks great! the layout isn’t as Flashy as the old one but the new style is very refreshing!

  6. so much fun to hear the adventures you al had…even if boring,.

  7. VicMor is the next generation in podcasting.

    What a great bilingual show today. Better than buying a Rosetta Stone course.

    This episode is the new “My Two Dads”

  8. Tina G says:

    You get a female spayed and a male neutered, cat or dog. Very nice show , as usual. Like this new site. Just that the font size is a bit too big, like a kiddie site. And maybe the design could be updated a bit ? what do you think ?

  9. Great episode, and I LOVE the new site, guys.

    Every time Victoria said “Bitch” I giggled.

    Can’t wait for the next show, as always!

  10. Victoria sounds like one hell of a chick 😀
    I recokn we’d get along real well, i just turned 16

    the story about her friends was hillarious! i was laughing so hard :]

    much love,


  11. I reckon what Victoria did was right, esp if the dude was sleazy. If I’d had any guts at all when I was Victoria’s age, I might have told my friend’s parents what she got up to at age 13–maybe she wouldn’t have ended up alcoholic and preggers at 14! Parents can be so oblivious.

    I nearly crashed my car, laughing my ass off, when Marc suggested telling teens that if they got pregnant they had to eat the placenta! It would probably work just as well as Bush’s abstinence-only “education” programs. . .

    Victoria, Jerry Springer the Opera is fabulous. I’ve been to see it live, and BBC showed it on TV within the last two years so we were able to record it. I don’t know if it could ever get played in the U.S., it’s gloriously filthy. It doesn’t seem to be on any of the torrent sites, but you can get it from (not on .com).

  12. Marky says:

    Lazy, lesbian dolphins…

    I’m still giggling now!

  13. Aaron C. says:

    Great show all. LOVE the new site. What a great job! 🙂 XO, Aaron

  14. FOF #512 - Ratting Out Your Friends - 04.13.07 « The adventures of a gay man says:

    […] Everyone should have a daughter or a friend like Victoria who watches out for you when you’ve lost yourself in the moment. (more…) […]

  15. Fausto had the Dr. Seuss book title correct. It was *Horton Hatches an Egg*.
    Victoria is cute as hell! I’d love to have a niece like her. She should be on the show more often, or have a spinoff show of her own.

  16. Manny says:

    Oh Mah Gah.
    There has to be more of her.
    I love her. She is like my Feast of Fools Teen Idol.
    and I still love my BMW

  17. Just listened to this one today. Victoria is seriously adorable, so emotionally mature for her age, and so freakin’ funny. A chip off the ol’ block, Fausto. Whatever’s in the water in PR, it’s good stuff. Loved the placenta riff. Loved her anger against the word wristband too! Someone needs to get her an ISDN line for Christmas so she can be a regular!

  18. lis says:

    Great show, very refreshing and sweet and hilarious! Really enjoyed listening to Victoria, she is definitely related to Fausto, they have the same smart-assed sense of humor and quick wit and tongue. And that girl has her head on straight too. You go Vi-Mo!
    un besito desde España,

  19. I love my V-Mo and miss her very much!

  20. Katers says:

    hehehe She’s so cute 😛 Happy late birthday V-Mo!

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