FOF #620 – Doing It for the Children

Sep 28, 2007 · 1985 views

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We’re in Ontario, California! Listen from our hotel room as Marc, Sal-E and me, Fausto chat with fellow podcaster Michael Carrino about parenting, explaining difficult sex questions to your child and creating community for the […]


  1. Maia says:

    Michael has a point about the swear words — When I was little, my parents made it very clear that there were no swear words in our house, and so we kids got very sanctimonious about it. One time my dad’s temper flared and he said “damn it!” in front of us, and we all started scolding him. So then, to clarify, he told us all that what he had said was spelled “dammit” with 2 m’s, so it was not technically a swear word and we should not tell mom about it. Ha! Poor guy…

    That said, I don’t think I would ever be comfortable saying “fuck” in front of a seven-year-old. But as a kid, I always got a thrill out of hanging out with my grizzled grandpa and his guy friends, and hearing them say piss, damn, and hell… Nothing wrong with sprinkling a little salt in your language. 😉

    Good luck tonight!!!

  2. Wesley says:

    Now I realize why my grandfather is called Grandpa Pepper….showin’ some California Luv to y’all


  3. aww, lovely show guys.
    double tree, classy

  4. Sal-E, you looked so FABOULOUS at the awards!!!

  5. Eliza Sea says:

    I want to see Sal-E’s lolita dress! Gothic Lolita > *

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