FOF #723 – Sing a Happy Song

Mar 14, 2008 · 1985 views

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Tracy Tyler is confused. She can’t seem to figure out what song to sing for Good Friday. And for that matter, just WHEN is Good Friday anyways? Tuesday? Saturday? Friday? That sounds just too obvious. […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    Is \”Morning Has Broken\” to Christian for Good Friday? Or maybe too 1970\’s?
    Break a leg at Steamworks tonight. Watch out for vicious vengeful drag queens!

  2. DCRyan says:

    Hey, I like Marc\’s tasteless humor…keep it coming.

    And as far as the whole Victorian\’s liking to see children suffer, I bet it has something to do with the idea that in a dog-eat-dog industrialization era kids were probably seen as overly frivilous and generally useless. I think it\’s probably especially shocking when juxtaposed with the overly indulgent manner in which parents seem to treat children these days.

    I always love it when FOF makes me have a food-for-thought moment of the day.

    Good luck at Steamworks tonight, I am so jealous of anyone who lives in Chicago and can go.

  3. Pete says:

    i can understand why kennidi would be so upset. tracy\’s behavior is something to be expected at Wal-Mart but Target is a sophisticated and reputable establishment. is there no sanctity? but seriously, the image of a woman showing ONE exposed tit in public has always turned me on. i even think sex and the city did an episode about that.

  4. Gary T says:

    Tracy, is your middle initial \”H\” (like Kennidi\’s)??? Just kidding 😉

    I think you should sing Wynonna Judd\’s \”Testify To Love\”. It\’s a great song, mentions a higher power, but isn\’t preachy.

  5. Geostud says:

    Great show, you guys… love when Tracy\’s on! Flashing your tits at Target is completely acceptable! Going to Target is so mundane that any amount of nudity is in order. Also, Target\’s symbol is a nipple, so chest displaying is to be expected. Oh, man. I wish I lived in Chitown so that I could go to Steamworks. Have fun today and try not to be too sexy!

  6. Tracy: Why not sing Josh Grobans song \”You Raise Me Up\”. It a beautiful song and I think appropriate for the situation!. Kisses and Break a heel girl!!

  7. Any guy that objectifies Tracy is losing out big time. I\’m sure if listened to her on FOF and got to know her a little, he would have rushed right over with a note in his hand!

  8. Rob says:

    I think Boston Bill\’s song suggestions is great ! It\’s a tough tune, but I
    have a feeling Tracy can pull it off.

  9. Fabs says:

    Tracy, I love that idea of flashing the hot guy at target! See we would have to unzip first… 😉
    Still I hope you and Kennedy make up. I would love to listen to the both of you on a podcast.
    Loved the episode! Hope you guys have fun at Steamworks!
    And that we get to talk again soon!

  10. Mikey Dee says:

    first off i love tracy. But i totally flashed someone in wal*mart last year. I guess it\’s more off a faux pas being at wal mart though

  11. Eric says:

    Tracy flashing at target was a hilarious image.

    I think you guys also misrepesented the Darwin Awards; I know you didn\’t mean it but the impression was given that it features making fun of children doing stupid things and injuring themselves. Children, in fact, automatically do not qualify for Darwin\’s because they are not fully thinking adults and thus are not responsible for their actions. This doesn\’t make their stupidity any less funny, but the D.A.\’s do try to hold up some sense of respectability.

    Victorians were notoriously well mannered and their sexual repression was what gave Freud his ideas; I don\’t know for sure why children started to appear in more novels and comics then but I do know that a child can also represent innocence. Perhaps, in a world that requires everyone to be so innocent, these authors were trying to resist society\’s oppresive rules and manners by putting innocence to the test or lashing out against it.

  12. kennidi says:

    I guess I need to defend myself here…lol! Tracy and I have WAY different views on a lot of stuff, but I think I blew it up that nite. It had been a long weekend, I worked Saturday at the salon then we went running around for stuff, had to be at a wedding in which we got lost and was late to do the bride. We had only 15 minutes to do her hair and makeup. Then get up the next morning after going to bed late to go to church, and i was just working on like minimal of 10hrs of sleep from Friday to Sunday. I was ready to go home and just the whole thing turned me off. Tracy does things for laughs and I don\’t blame her, he was hot! But I don\’t know, I have a different ground on things in public….that totally doesnt mean she was in wrong. I love Tracy to death she is one of the real reasons why I decided to Stay in Chitown! Friends are going to fight and disagree on things, I love her and thats all that matters and we have made up! I so badly wanted to be at the show tonight to support her but as for my ID says female I cant go. I love u guys, I guess us southern girls can be bad in closed doors but in public were lil conservative! LOL! Love u all! Thanks for the support, trust me Tracy and I are doing great, I called her tonite to tell her good luck! I cant wait to be back on show! Check out my new site

    Much Love,

  13. mmm I\’d love you to flash me at Target Fabs 😀 — and yes Geo — that\’s why I flashed him because Target\’s symbol is a boob LOL LOL LOL

    I love Wynona\’s \” Testify to Love \” —- Wynona\’s sings in the same keys as I do so I love to sing along with her music and she\’s the diva that I wish I was 😀 — LOVE HER!

    Thanks for everyone comming out to Steam works last night — it was so fun!!!! I had so much fun in the showers there 😀 — shower sex is so hotttttt —– thanks for the gum Pete 😀 — SMOOCH


  14. RcktMan says:

    Tracy was FIERCE at Steamworks, and I was so glad I got to meet her and hang out with her. We had a great time after the show at Crew and then Big Chicks. Tracy, you are a jewel.

    Sing \”You Raise Me Up\” – You can make it WORK! 🙂

  15. PureeTofu says:

    I know its deadly late, but Tracy, when I grew up there was a song we sang in the Catholic Church called \”On Eagles Wings\”, its the only song I remember really liking in church.

  16. Jonzu says:

    Tracy, I would have LOVED to have seen that exchange in Target! But I also have some of that Kennidi debutante angst streak in me too (even though the Target snack bar may not be worthy of such decorum; it\’s actually the great equalizer of a space when were all chewing on the same cheese cud anyways, nes pa?) – so I would probably take pleasure in seeing Kennidi tearing in on Tracy, too. Either way, it would have made a day at Target the highlight of my day. Thank you ladies!

  17. Jonzu says:

    I\’ve been wracking my brain on songs we sang in church. I was raised as a Unitarian, so we had all kinds of Christian neutral songs. The songs I can remember are:

    – We Shall not be Moved.
    – We Laugh we Cry.
    – Little Boxes (I think even Melvina Reynolds sang it at our church)
    – Singing for Our Lives
    – This Land is Your Land
    and lots of songs having to do with harvesting, circles, or round things. Mostly songs you would picture a nice lesbian couple singing.

    I remember also singing Burt Bacharach\’s \”What the World Needs Now\” following Robert Kennedy\’s or MLK\’s shooting; trying to leave the church on an up beat note I guess; for that very depressing time.

    Basically church music was all over the place and I couldn\’t explain what any of it meant other then trying to uplift, or prep us for a protest or a… harvest?

    The best explanation for growing up as a Unitarian is the joke of “What do you get if you cross a Seventh-Day Adventist and a Unitarian? Someone who knocks on your door and has no idea why.”

    Whatever you sing Tracy, you\’ll be beautiful!

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