FOF #782 – Ripley, Believe It or Not

Jun 18, 2008 · 1985 views

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Ripley kept saying “Mercury is in retrograde” when she walked in the door. It seemed everything was in chaos, but what she really meant to say was that recently she felt very introspective. No wonder, […]


  1. Yay more Ripley she’s great! I’d love to hear her on the show with Sal-E

  2. Ripley seemed really fun and outgoing, i bet she was a blast to have on the podcast!

  3. welling1 says:

    Don’t have her on again. She is annoying!

  4. Rhea says:

    Ignore the above post. Just an annoying, negative nellie hiding behind their anonymity.

    Ripley was a great guest. It’s always a blast to hear old Feast of Fools alums, her wackiness and wit make her fit right in with Marc and Fausto. Do I smell another regular being born on the podcast? 🙂

  5. umich11 says:

    You guys had WAY too much fun with Ripley! I think she might have been actually a little offended by the astrology, in the midst of alll that easy-going joking.

    And I do know how to play the digeridoo 🙂

  6. Anna says:

    Ripley Caine! Aw… she’s one of my favorite indie musicians. I was completely addicted to the original “Corvair” when I heard it about eight years ago. Could not stop listening to it! Unfortunately, the copy I had remained at the college radio station when I moved on, and I haven’t heard it since. Even after all these years I still remembered the lyrics, but I don’t care for the new version, so I ordered a copy of the original EP instead. Yum!

  7. zira35 says:

    Ripley was GREAT! She was funnier than shit and I would love to hear her on the podcast again…anytime!

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