FOF #792 – Sex on the Superhighway

Jul 2, 2008 · 1985 views

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How do you get off and have a good time on the internet superhighway without a fender bender? On today’s show we have the recording of the live forum that Marc Felion and I, Fausto […]


  1. the zak says:

    What home tests for STDs are available?… Home HIVAb tests?… Rapid HIVAb tests… Home chlamydia tests?… Home tuberculosis tests?… What home tests for STDs are in the pipeline?… Diagnostics For All appears to be developing home testing for STDs

    I’ll get tested TOGETHER with my next potential sex partner BEFORE we have sex, for A VARIETY of STDs.

  2. Pete says:

    the forum on hooking up online was interesting despite the internet being just a fad. i prefer whoring around the old-fashioned way….the intro with the “do and don’ts” of online pictures was cute…you guys own the stage!

    mr. adelson was a good interviewee and really does look like somebody who would be the former general manager of manhunt.

    thanks for posting that pic of my co-worker (we were there for work/research), michael, and me on your flickr. I was totally feeling michael up during that shot.

    the forum about drinking should be fun. maybe i can finally conquer my raging alcoholism.

  3. Michael says:

    Great forum guys, very glad that I could do a “live blogging event” was a lot of fun trying to see how fast I could type to keep up with you.

    And yes, Pete was totally feeling me up, that’s why I’ve got that nice big smile on my face!

  4. jimberly says:

    Ah, the internets — I never really enjoyed hooking up online – though when I did try it, it was with those lame-o AOL M4M chatrooms – decidely pre-Manhunt. Back in tha day. I remember one hook up where we tried to be respectable and met for dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant in Edgewater – as an appetizer to the full steamycourse that was going to happen later. Our conversation was so dull – we talked about favorite colors and food (his favorite food was lettuce and potatoes – no lie) So, after the check was paid – what seemed like an eternity after we sat down and discussed potatoes – my internet friend asked if I wanted to go back to his place. I begged off – something about needing to wash my hair, and not wanting to miss the Mad TV re-run….. It was Saturday night after all, and I liked to get my rest…. Ugh. Give me grabby meat-ups in bars and bathhouses!

    Can’t wait for the alcohol forum at Sidetrack!

  5. kennidi says:

    It was a very interesting forum. I was in the audience with my bf Sean…very interesting discussion!! I’ll remember that day for a very long time, first time he told me he loved me!!! So I dont know what the fags on stage were doing to make him tell me that he loved me! LOL!

    The three experts were awesome! It was nice to hear their views and opinions!!! Learned a few things!

    Keep it up boys and Jim!!!!

    Much Love,

  6. Well there is your problem Jim: Ethiopian food? Never take a date to dinner in a place where you eat with your hands. Kennidi- your boyfriend Sean is really cute, hold on tight to your man!

    At the end of the day, the benefits of meeting people online for sex or otherwise outweigh the risks involved. I just wish all this technology was around when I was in night school.

  7. BBC 3 (which permits bit torrents) had a show called “I love being HIV+” which explores the concept of being a bug chaser and on-line dating. The goal of the documentary was to meet a bug chaser and convince him to change his mind and continue to retain their HIV – status. While the documentary found those that had seroconverted, it never evolved to finding a physical person who really was a “bug chaser.”

    I thought the most interesting points: (1) sex was historically about birth/death and there was a middle ground of antibiotics which offered the illusion of safety, (2) questioned why current AIDS campaigns don’t mimic the current anti-smoking campaigns by explaining that drugs and the disease offer diarrhea, liver damage, nausea, blindness, etc. and (3) wonders if the the gay community have to be sensitive to the HIV+ community with scare tactic campaigns.

    The documentary deals with on-line dating, HIV + clubs, and aspects of male sexuality in the UK.

  8. the zak says:

              audio 1:06:11
              > …about serosorting…
              > About 60 percent of HIV infections occur from
              > having sex with someone who does not know their
              > HIV status.
              > The vast majority of HIV is transmitted in that
              > fashion.
              > And serosorting was really started in an organic
              > movement among HIV positive guys that they
              > wouldn’t have to disclose their status to someone
              > who would reject them sexually and for a host of
              > other reasons in a lot of urban centers around the
              > country.
              > And it sort has been coopted by a lot of HIV
              > negative men to give them license to have
              > unprotected sex which is really dangerous.
              > And I think that from a public health perspective
              > it’s really important to remember that your HIV
              > status is in some ways only so good as your most
              > recent test if it’s done outside the window period.
              > And it’s something that we need to remember
              > that if someone tells you they’re negative or their
              > profile says they’re negative that shouldn’t be the
              > end of the conversation. It should be the
              > beginning.

    Your next words should be: let’s determine our current HIV status by going to an STD clinic, getting tested, and then sharing our test results.

  9. Mikey Dee says:

    This was such a great podcast…very informative. I just started having sex..and i need to get tested. So far i have gotten like over ten mosquito bites….remember..if you have sex in the woods..bring bug spray.

  10. jimberly says:

    There have been HIV campaigns in the US that very clearly showed the effects of being HIV+ and taking nasty, toxic drugs – the one I am thinking about is called “HIV is no picnic” and features men with “crix belly”, night sweats, diarrhea and facial wasting. Here is the link

    These ads made some people upset – I found them to be refreshingly truthful – speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time on the toilet,or running for one (and occasionally getting there a bit too late), in the last 13 years.

    As for bug chasers – what a ridiculous and inflammatory topic to make a documentary about. The BBC did not find any, because, well, there are exceedingly rare. Focussing our efforts on supposed people who seek out HIV doesn’t begin to respond to the vast majority of folks’ risk taking that could lead to a seroconversion.

    And back to you Fausto – if someone has an issue eating with their hands, they are likley to be dull in bed, no?


  11. what an awesome forum! Sadly i couldn’t make it that day, but after listening to the podcast I really wish i could have been there!
    Okay speaking for the gay and bi teens here, the main website we use to hook up is, which is a site sponsored by LOGO. Even though downelink is more of an urban GLBT website, it is definitely the most used site for younger gay kids. I’ve hooked up using that site in the past and it really wasn’t for me (mainly because i tend to date older men). Most of my lesbian friends are dedicated to the site, more so than myspace even.

    I think the Howard Brown Health Center should focus on Downelink and other websites targeted at young gay kids. Having information available to gay kids is essential. For the most part i feel that teens want to learn about their sexual health, most are just afraid of finding out if they already carry a disease or if their partner does. Unfortunately i know people that still choose to hook up online and not use condoms, believe me i’ve preached until my cheeks turn blue, the fact is that some people will never care about their health, or the consequences of their actions…

  12. Here is a thought experiment. Take your index finger, wet it with your mouth, rub your pecs with it a little and get all hot and bothered until you feel a boner in your shorts!

  13. the zak says:

    That no longer works for me.

  14. Courtney says:

    Was at the forum and found the panel, the audience and the conversation terrific. Our LGBT community needs to continue these conversations about how we connect. I’m looking forward to the alcohol forum at SideTrack on the 23rd.

  15. Reginaldo Araujo says:

    Hi there! This podcast was very informative. Unfortunatelly we don’t have a podcast like this in Brazil – so far as I know.

    When I first heard the call for it I thought it was about making sex on highways, I couldn’t help but laugh on my own ignorance.

  16. jimberly says:

    LOL Reginaldo!

    How cute is that!!!

    Maybe it the title of the forum didn’t translate so well into Portuguese, eh?


  17. Ha ha, yes please have your sex at the truck stops not on the roads.

  18. Jeff G says:

    Great discussion and Marc and Fausto, you guys are so wonderful!

    It seems like we (the audience) really shy away from the real *meat* of the discussion in the forums. Can you blame us?

    If you want a great way to get answers to the -real- questions you have regarding sex, health, and the internet you can always ask while you’re ON Manhunt or Adam4Adam!

    For Manhunt, you can click on Help Center in the lower left of your screen and search for a support profile in your state.

    For Adam4Adam, it’s a little harder to find someone to talk to for answers. There are health resources on the “my account” page, though. Also, you could always find me or one of Howard Brown’s online health educators for nonjudgemental, confidential, and friendly answers!

    Look us up at std_info_chicago on both MH and A4A (many more sites to come as we want to be where you are – so remember our screenname!).

    Also, BarbieBoy, I will def. look into as a place to do some outreach! Thanks for the tip!

  19. Reginaldo Araujo says:

    Hi Jimberly, I think that part of the misunderstanding is because we usually don’t call the internet like that (superhigway) and also because there might be – some place in my subconscious – a desire of having wild sex, not in the highways (neither in the superhighway), but in truck stops as suggested by Fausto.

  20. MC (@manchic) says:

    Have you heard of GuySpy?

    Is the newest gay dating app for smart phones and you can even use it in your computer. Let’s meet guys in your area faster and easier.

    Comes with great features like Cruise & Buzz, but what I like the most is that allows you to share video. Pretty addicktive. (If you know what I mean)

    Check it out

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