FOF #844 – Let Your Freak Flag Fly Freely

Sep 19, 2008 · 1985 views

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Get your fetish gear ready folks! Whip it up. Whooo. On today’s Feast of Fools we’ve got Demetri Moshoyannis, he’s the sexy executive director for the Folsom Street Fair, one of the largest spectator events […]


  1. Michael says:

    You forgot buttless chaps as a NEED for a complete leather look.

    We should have a big party while Fausto is out of town, we’ll break a vase, glue it back together and then say “Mom always said ‘Don’t play ball in the house”

    Great song and I don’t lend money to people either – it never comes back : -(

  2. SHIT… Whip me, chain me, make me gag. I’m ALL YOURS.

  3. Katers says:

    eh, I don’t think I could deal with seeing submissive women anywhere. I just hate seeing women be submissive to anything/anyone. I’d probably cry if I saw a woman on a leash, being punched and forcefed water. Bleh..

    Otherwise, give me a corset and a whip and a bisexual guy in a harness, and I’m ready to go 😛

  4. Katers says:

    Oh, and another thing.. Adding onto the Gay Republican thing.. Our Gay Pride fest is this saturday and there was a pre-pride event at a local gay bar that I went to last night. The whole thing was sponsored by Obama “Obama Pride” so they asked “Who all here is going to vote for Obama?!” Surprisingly, not many people clapped other than me and a few other people. The drag queen in charge said “What? Okay then, how many of you are voting for McCain?” and a LOT of people clapped. She asked some of the people why they were voting for McCain. One of them was straight and the other was gay. The gay one said “Because my family has money”………….. The most stupid answer ever. The drag queen then says “But honey, you’re gay..” lol

    Just felt like sharing 😛

  5. Kate that must have been frustrating!

  6. Superboy says:

    great show guys- love all the different segments, including the phone call from the guy who saw Harry Potter on Broadway. Will definitively call and leave a question on your listener hotline.

  7. Demetri, Deshmetri-who’s his furry pal?
    Folsom Street Fair sounds like the shit’s tits. I wonder if there are any balloon fetishists?

  8. Lee says:

    See now when Eqqus came to Tokyo there was no Harry Potter and no full frontal. I Feel robbed. I must also mentiion that my friend who saw it in London commented on Harry’s rather red balls.

  9. Craig says:

    Very cute. And… naked?

    What’s the song you played in the middle of the show? I liked it.

  10. Just so you know, you can identify the music that we play in the show notes for that episode.

  11. Katers says:

    Awwww He’s cute and so is the dog 😡 Looks like my dog 🙂

  12. Craig says:

    Yeah. I figured that out a little late 😉

  13. corey says:

    Is pup play Demetri’s kink then??? 😛

  14. Timon says:

    AHHHHHHHH!!!! I just heard my call in on the show!!!

    I’ve been sick (BOO!) for the last week…so I’ve been catching up on the shows… and FIRST off… I freaked when I heard you Fausto was gonna be in Austin… and at my favorite Taco Cabana…. SECOND… I heard my voicemail about Craigslist!!! 🙂 I HAVE to tell you the story Fausto… about how i was jogging down Barton Springs and I responded….and….. TACO CABANA 8pm… 🙂

  15. The swedish photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin made an exhibition 1998 and it was called “Ecce Homo”. It portayed Jesus in different famous moments with a queer eye. Check some of the photos out at

  16. Mark from MN says:

    Fausto, If You love Espiranto… You must find a copy of

    Il Incubu, The only move I know of that was performed in Espiranto.. and even better: It stars none other than William Shatner!!!!!

  17. I find kinks very interesting in others, even though I am more of a passionate vanilla type, but – damn – why are so many of the hot men out there Kinkmeisters?

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