FOF #843 – The Pulse on Boystown

Sep 18, 2008 · 1985 views

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On today’s show we have Nirmalpal Sachdev, the general manager of Steamworks and Sean Kotwa, the gayest manager at the gay nightclub Hydrate who have the pulse on Chicago’s gay neighborhood – Boystown. They’re here […]


  1. Branden says:

    Sachdev is so fucking hot!!!!!!!

  2. Will says:

    Hey guys! I want to invite yall to Atlanta…queer capital of The South! It would be a blast. There are all sorts of cool queer things going on between bars, politics, and LIFE!

  3. Does anybody else have the biggest crush on Nirmalpal? I get so excited when I see him coming on a show, or on anything else. WELL DONE!

    Love the show and couldn’t make it through my day without it. THANKS!

  4. Superboy says:

    What is this? Hunk week on the Feast of Fools? Love all the guests you’ve had on the show this week, especailly Nirmalpal today. And Sean is too cute for words. I’ve seen him at Hydrate many times, so it was great to know the guy I’m always cruising across the bar.

  5. 6ColorzRadio says:

    That skit of Sara Palin was hilarious, Love it! She looked so much like her it wasn’t even funny

  6. Andrew says:

    Hi guys Andrew here calling from London…. lol, sean looks so like my ex bf lol so his HOT!!!

    Love all the guests on the show, still think u guys should fly over here and do a show from london be wkd!

  7. Is Lube wrestling at Hydrate every Friday. Fausto, I will be flying in from AZ the Friday before Halloween…..ready to get slippery? Marc, ready to lube me up and down? You guys know I will win this, right? I was Charlie’s Jell-o wrestling champ for 2007!
    Fausto, I could let you win. In fact I wouldn’t mind getting pinned by you over and over and over….
    C ya guys soon!

  8. Fishsauce says:

    I love love LOVE Nirmalpal! Thanks for having him on again. And Sean is just adorable.

    Thanks for another great show!

  9. RcktMan says:

    My friend Ricardo participated in Lube Wrestling once — and won! It was messy and sloppy but so much fun! Another friend did it and came away with welts on his neck and arms. We all thought he had been the victim of a frantic hickey-giver, and while he didn’t exactly mind the attention (he never minds attention), that wasn’t the case.

    ANYWAY… great show guys… and Nirmalpal is always fun to have on the show. I’m looking forward to the big reveal– on TV! 🙂

  10. We’re going on Friday (today) who’s coming?

  11. Craig says:

    Cindy McCain is TOTALLY the Borg Queen – good call! I think they’re (Cindy and Sarah) both just as creepy in their own way.

    I can’t wait until Michelle Obama is first lady. She’s so kick-ass, I love her. Oh, and does anyone know anything about Biden’s wife? I’ve not heard anything about her yet.

  12. It’s his second wife. His first one died in a car accident along with one of his kids.

  13. Craig says:

    So i’ve discovered. I just think it’s kind of weird that nothing is being said about her in the media, whereas they’re having a field day with all of the other candidates’ spouses.

  14. Just nominated you, as requested, in GLBT and People’s Choice on
    Good luck

  15. GusGus says:

    Good podcast today. Very informative. Please keep us posted as to what will happen in regards to the Miller Light company being bought by Coors. I will definitely inform our local gay bar owners about this.

  16. It’s a merger. They weren’t bought by Coors.

  17. Loved the show! The topics and the rythm were great!

    A big hug from Barcelona, Spain!

  18. Nirmalpal makes me want to go magnetic. He’s dreamy. *sigh*

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