FOF #966 – How to Marry a Millionaire

Apr 8, 2009 · 1985 views

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Callooh! Callay! Iowa and Vermont join Massachusetts and Connecticut as states legalizing gay couples to marry! Even Washington D.C. is getting in on the gay fun by recognizing same-sex marraiges. A domino effect may be […]


  1. putzman says:

    Keith Ecker… hello sex kitten… MEOW.

  2. miata says:

    if you’re looking for some Kenny Rogers Roasters, there are still some outlets in Singapore!

  3. Faramir says:

    Yes, it’s Michelangelo who sculpted the Moses with the “horn”.
    Every now and then a new theory comes out about that horn.
    Michelangelo was supposedly gay… could it be a misplaced marble dildo???

  4. I tell ya, Keith is the master of that ‘Sexy Naughty-boy Smirk’ – makes you wonder what he’s thinking…

  5. I’m thinking about penises.

  6. Tralfaz says:

    Gosh, where else can a person listen to sizzling hot comic, proper handwashing technique and my favorite topic, erosional channel sinuosity on Mars?

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