FOF #965 – Microagressions, Macroconsequences

Apr 7, 2009 · 1985 views

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Microagressions. Do you know what I’m talking about? Those subtle jabs that chip away at our sense of self worth. On today’s show- Dr. Brian Mustanski, assistant professor for the Department of Psychiatry at the […]


  1. Jonas says:

    Cleaning too much? There’s is such a thing as cleaning too much?

    My firiends and boyfriend call me Bree, maybe I’m related to this guy…

  2. Nidocamen says:

    this was a really great show, I can definitely relate as a lot of those little microinsults eventually caused one of my relationships to end. anyways, very good advice!

    in honor of today’s show, I had a microsandwich for lunch!! LOL

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Thank you for having the Dr. Mustanski on the show. I think we should all be at the point where we need to focus on the positive and realize when we are experiencing microagressions and not let them peck at our self-esteem. I also must thank Fausto for making me laugh out loud with his impersonation of the little Malawi girl Madonna was trying to adopt. “Meet me at the airport. I will be the one in the mustache.” Too funny.

  4. Alfonzo says:

    This is in regard to Malawi rejecting Madonna’s request to adopt an other child. If you can’t understand why they wouldn’t let her adopt this time, watch Mommy Dearest. Also, it probably has something to do with the government trying to these children being adopted by people who intend to use these children as slaves.

    Fausto, I’ve completely agree with you comments about the most hateful things being said about other gays come from people within our own community.

  5. Are you saying that Madonna wants to enslave Malawi children? I think she’s working hard to do the opposite Alfonzo. I don’t think Madonna is hurting her children. And honestly, if you think being raised by the real Joan Crawford is hell, try growing up in an orphanage in a poor African country, which you can imagine is no piece of cake.

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