FOF #1005 – Bareblack

Jun 15, 2009 · 1985 views

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An in-depth discussion on the naked photos of Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black posted on Perez Hilton’s website.


  1. Come to think of it, I think the scientist had fun guys instead of fungi on his mind when he discovered this ‘shroom. If you want to see a mushroom that REALLY looks like a wang, check this one:

  2. Kieran says:

    Kawasaki, Japan has an annual penis festival. Carved radishes, floats, processions and a lot of fun. No real ones.

  3. Kieran says:

    Kawasaki’s best-known event is the Kanamara Matsuri (金まら祭り), also known as the Iron Penis Festival, held on the first Sunday in April. Penis-laden temple floats (o-mikoshi) are paraded down the streets of Kawasaki and everybody gets sloshed. The festival has been to some extent hijacked by foreign tourists and Tokyo’s transvestite (“new half”) community, who often make up half the audience, but as you can imagine the people running the show aren’t terribly uptight and nobody seems to mind.

  4. Ghelgi says:

    I think it’s fascinating that right now I’m 36min into this episode and you guys haven’t talked about anything else than DLB, this is a great example of how well these pictures being released create publicity but then again you guys can ramble on about almost everything and that’s why we love you two. Keep up the great work, you’re awesome.

  5. Alfonzo says:

    When I’d first heard about this, I thought, there is nothing ebarassing about that. I think our society has started to become immune to sex tapes. They just don’t have the same effect they have in the past, hell, Very Troyer had a sex tape.
    I understand that Black has received a respectable award from mainstream society and you’re expected to have a level of docorum about you (ok, maybe 20 years ago), but I didn’t think there was anything embarassing about them. If I were a straight man, however, my opinion would be completely different. I also wonder, just as you did, if it was a publicity stunt. We just don’t know.
    On the point of Perez posting these picture:
    Now I know it’s not exactly a news website, but if it weren’t Perez, do you think it would have been someone else? I think it would have. Maybe we’d be talking about boycotting somebody else’s gossip site. Either way, when I found it about Perez posting these, I wasn’t surprised.
    I think the reason why people are so angry at Perez, is because he’s one of our own. We expect our own community to at least protect each other, but I think this is rediculous because how often do we exploit our own youth in the form of pornography and getting them drunk to take them home, as well as escorting and houseboys. I think when something like this happens to people within our community, and it makes us angry, we really need to stop and take a look ourself and ask, “Have I or do I do things like that?”

  6. Alfonzo says:

    Ooops. I mean “Vern” not VERY>

  7. Curtis says:

    It would have been hypocritical of Perez to not post the photos. He shouldn’t filter his articles and postings to protect LGBT celebrities.

    You guys are so cynical with the publicity stunt accusations. You always think that everything has a nefarious motive, and I know that sometimes things do, but this just doesn’t feel remotely like a stunt to promote a video about one of the single most important AIDS activists.

    Rachel Ward – what is with Straight women hating cock? I see this over and over and I wonder about how satisfying sex can be for these women who think cock is so ugly.

  8. Yes, Curtis, I am cynical. If everyone you see keeps hitting you over the head with a board, then you are going to suspect that the next person carrying a board will hit you too.

    My job is to look at things from all angles and I think we took into account the many aspects of the issues.

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