FOF #1094 – The Mean, Little, Deaf and Queer Terry Galloway

Nov 16, 2009 · 1985 views

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Deaf since the age of 10, Terry Galloway grew up to be one of the funniest performers of her generation. Her new memoir, “Mean Little deaf Queer” recounts some of her life’s most horrific and funny moments.

Listen as we talk with Terry about laughing at your disabilities, why embracing failure in your work leads to success and why Hellen Keller is considered an S&M lesbian icon.


  1. Michael says:

    Just getting into the show…enjoying Terry very much.

    Thought I’d share the link for “Annie Dearest”

  2. John says:

    Thank you guys for this interview it was great, I completely loved it! Can’t wait to read the book.

  3. RcktMan says:

    I adored Terry! What a fierce, brave, funny and inspirational woman she is! This was a delightful interview, and she was so much fun to listen to.

  4. Bear says:

    This is a fantastic interview. One of my favorite’s the show have ever one. Will definitely check out the book when I get a chance.

  5. Sid says:

    wow, i am not even finished listening and i had to chime in about terry. what an intense interview. i am on the edge of my seat with my mouth open. this woman is raw! there is no pussy-footing around with her. i feel like i’m getting a completely honest look into the mind and life of a fascinating outsider. what a picture she just painted about the look on the girl’s face right before terry’ spits in her mouth. i feel terry’s deafness has given her to opportunity to achieve a true gift for language and vivid communication. i’ve rarely heard and actually felt words come out and smack me like they do from her mouth. she’s exhilarating to listen to.

  6. Daniel Justice says:

    I absolutely adored Terry and her interview. She seems like a fascinating woman. I wish that I was able to see her show. Can’t wait to get the book!

  7. Great interview guys! Terri is a brave woman, a funny woman and a generous soul.

  8. Loved loved loved this interview! What an amazing woman. What an amazing interview. Glad I went along for the ride.

  9. lis says:

    Superb interview! I’m getting the book.

  10. Zoomer says:

    Amazing interview, I actually worked out extra long just so I could keep listening. That is saying a LOT 🙂 I can’t believe the nuances of expression and language she catches — more than most folks, that’s for sure.

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