FOF #1107 – Sabrina Matthew’s Keen Eye

Dec 9, 2009 · 1985 views

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Comedian Sabrina Matthews was scuba diving off the coast of Myanmar when she was attacked by a barracuda that sliced through her diving mask and slit her left eyeball wide open.

A year and several operations later, she sees the world in a whole new way so please join us as Sabrina fill us in on her life and experience as a stand up comedian. In the news: Funny food from Down Under, Sexy Santas and fish that safe to eat.


  1. I LOVE SABRINA MATTHEWS!!! hilarious personality! i can’t believe her eye was attacked by a barracuda. i wish her the best in her continuously funny stand-up career! much love from Budapest!!!

  2. Blueboi says:

    The whole uproar about the emu and Kangaroo flavoured chips is just stupid. We eat Kangaroo all the time it’s actually rather tasty (still prefer beef though).
    Kangaroo cullings are also a regular occurrence (i wonder if that’s where the meat comes from…) so i don’t know what they’re on about.
    Emu on the other hand, i dont think is eaten. Well, maybe by the indigenous groups.

    It’s not like the chips are actually going to taste anything like the real thing (probably just chicken and BBQ) so i say just let them. If anything it could help increase tourism if they’re sold overseas.

    If anything it’s probably more about image. We dont want other countries knowing we eat our national symbols.

  3. Andy says:

    I agree with Sabrina Matthews, the last Tarantino movie “Inglourious Basterds” is not good. Basically it is about Jewish-American soldiers mimicking German atrocities done to European Jews.

    Glad her Sabrina’s eye is recovering well. She is great a comedian!

  4. carrma says:

    My favorite eye injury scene is from Evil Dead 2:

  5. David says:

    I enjoyed hearing both podcasts with Sabrina Matthews yesterday. I hafta add my story of why men touch themselves!
    I’m sure I was contained when I dressed this morning, but during the 1st service at church I became aware of that unpleasant “one side is out” sensation. No matter how I tugged and pulled from above, I could not get my left nut to stop sticking to my thigh!
    As soon as I was done playing my last note, I headed to the bathroom for a hands-down-my-pants exploratory. Sure enough, a one nut-sized hole had formed in my flyless panties. I think the active pedal part in “the First Noel” which runs clear up to the top D must have torn it open. Those people have no idea the sacrifices I make for them! I had to suffer through a whole ‘nother service and then after that, taught a couple music students in my compromised condition.

    The other time this always happens to me is when I step off the loading dock at my weekday work. The sideways pelvis twist usually lets the meat and BOTH pototoes escape out whichever side is headed down for the pavement. I usually do a quick manual check to make sure at least my zipper is not down as well.

    So there you have it Sabrina – both white collar and blue collar jobs which involve unusual movements of the nether regions lead to distressing slippage at inopportune moments. We try to be discrete but there’s just no getting it back gracefully sometimes!

    Thanks for all the laughs!

  6. fourthace says:

    Marc and Fausto – Here are my iPhone App slogan suggestions:
    1. “Have Gay?” There is an app for that!
    2. Need some Gay in your life? There is an app for that!
    3. Not Fabulous? There is an app for that!
    4. Feeling too straight? There is an app for that!
    5. GLBT-MTF-FTM-BDSM-BB-FS-WS-VGL-GL-T-B-V? WTF? There is an app for that!

    Ok thats all I could come up with. I need more coffee!

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