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FOF #1443 – Fighting Bullying Means Working for Better Schools

Today we’re talking comedian and openly gay public school teacher Meg O’Rourke. She’s working hard to start an anti-bullying program within the Chicago Public School system. At the same time she’s being bullied by one of her own co-workers. She feels their pain.

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The Most Famous German Comedian Loriot Dies at Age 87

Marriage Counseling Bernhard Victor Christoph Carl von Bülow, more commonly known under the pseudonym Loriot was a German humorist, cartoonist, film director, actor and writer. He was one of the most famous German comedian ever. […]

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FOFA #480 – The Unsinkable Paula Poundstone – 7.18.11

When Paula Poundstone was arrested in 2001 for drunk driving and child endangerment, she temporarily lost custody of her adopted children, went into a deep depression and was forced by the courts to go to AA.

Not one to hide, Paula took her struggles that she endured under the glare of the media and put it to work in her courageous stand-up act.

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FOF #1332 – Bill Cruz’s Secret Sex Life

Comedian Bill Cruz is in hot water for his top ten list of Chicago male comedians he’d like to get jiggy with. Most straight guys got mad not because they were on the list, but because they didn’t make the cut.

Listen as we talk about who’se hot in Chicago’s comedy scene, rotten celebrities, and Lady Gaga confirms her latex costumes were inspired by condoms to promote safe sex.

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FOFA #283 – The Man Who Put the F.U. in Funny

We are really excited to see Bruce Vilanch perform at Milwaukee Pridefest this weekend. Back in 2006 we had the opportunity to interview him about his life and career when he was coming to Chicago to host IML.

Please enjoy this classic podcast with the very funny Bruce Vilanch and please join us this weekend in Milwaukee on the Summerfest grounds.

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Lesbian Stand Up Comedian Vickie Shaw on Comedy Central

Humorous Lesbian Stand Up Comedian Vickie Shaw on Comedy Central. She is pretty funny.

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FOF #1117 – Straight Guys Can Be So Gay For Each Other

The very raunchy Mike David and Kyle Lane from Red Bar Radio join us to talk about their New Year’s resolutions and what Dr. Oz has to say about your sex life. In the news: The Darwin Award winners, Megan Mullally and her tub of lard, plus a superficial website for “Beautiful People” dumps 5,000 of its members for gaining weight.

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FOF #1107 – Sabrina Matthew’s Keen Eye

Comedian Sabrina Matthews was scuba diving off the coast of Myanmar when she was attacked by a barracuda that sliced through her diving mask and slit her left eyeball wide open.

A year and several operations later, she sees the world in a whole new way so please join us as Sabrina fill us in on her life and experience as a stand up comedian. In the news: Funny food from Down Under, Sexy Santas and fish that safe to eat.

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FOFA #525 – Becoming a Lesbian Dad

The podcast that calls and calls until it gets it right-Feast of Fools! Getting a hold of celebrities is difficult, especially when you call the wrong number. It’s very nice when the person on the […]

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Jessica Halem Returns to Chicago

Comedian Jessica Halem appears on the Feast of Fun podcast to promote her upcoming appearance at the Center on Halsted on Friday, March 20. Listen to the entire podcast here. For a high-quality version of […]

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