FOF #1117 – Straight Guys Can Be So Gay For Each Other

Jan 6, 2010 · 1985 views

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The very raunchy Mike David and Kyle Lane from Red Bar Radio join us to talk about their New Year’s resolutions and what Dr. Oz has to say about your sex life. In the news: The Darwin Award winners, Megan Mullally and her tub of lard, plus a superficial website for “Beautiful People” dumps 5,000 of its members for gaining weight.


  1. funsizedsnacks says:

    Confirmation that it was Esteban & Eric! That’s one hot pairing (I’m so envious).

  2. joe says:

    Wow, these guys are insanely annoying.

  3. Marcin says:

    I for one enjoyed the show and think these guys are cool. Certainly less annoying that the Skid-Marks Duo. 😛

  4. funsizedsnacks says:

    Both these guys and skid-marks duo were golden.

  5. i hate joe says:

    hey joe you’re an insanely stupid asshole.

  6. ventura79 says:

    i absolutley thought these guys where hilarious, two thumbs up, and you know what, they are BOTH cute! Its funny how straight guys always wanna be rated by gay guys! here is proof that Heteros and Homos can get along swiftly.
    Next time you guys have other pod casters on the show deff get a moderator!!! =D
    and Fausto PLEASE no more endorsing of Kanye”Douchebag” West!!!! he is annoying as HELL!!!

  7. Drake says:

    Hey Fausto
    iTunes has auto-downloaded this THREE times today. This has never happened in past downloads.

    Just FYI. I know bandwith is pricey.

    Peace, Drake

  8. Sean says:

    These guys were hilarious! I checked out their podcast too ( and its actually really good. If you enjoyed this episode you should check it out.

  9. Chickengirl says:

    these guys are hilarious! A little obnoxious at times but having two straight obnoxious guys on the show is something different for FOF and I think it is quite entertaining!!

  10. Todd says:

    In the comment section of 1116 a user by the name of Luke writes,

    “These guys were hilarious! I checked out their podcast too ( and its actually really good. If you enjoyed this episode you should check it out.”

    And in the comment above a user named Sean writes the exact same thing?

    Is this Mike and Kyle fishing for new subscribers or a Mike and Kyle fan?

    Fausto, if you and Mark go on their podcast let us know so we can listen. Otherwise their energy=screaming is good with you guys but not something I would want to listen to on a regular basis.

  11. marc thom says:

    honestly and seriously… you guys – Mike David and Kyle Lane with Marc and Fausto, make the podcast amazing… you can feel the pure synergy between you all…and even so much more funny.. guh.. keep it up.. wishing to interview you in the coming months.. x

  12. Alan in Vegas says:

    These annoying str8 dudes are performing at a nightclub called Entourage??? Trying to bring Vegas to Chicago??? Well let me tell u something HUH-nees… Do you realize THE gay bathouse in LAS VEGAS is ENTOURAGE???

    Coincidence? I think NOT! LOL…

    I live in Vegas, so I know this for a fact. Entourage is to Las Vegas what STEAMWORKS is to Chicago.

    Look it up online if u wanna:


  13. Anna says:

    Please, please, please don’t ever have these jerks on the show again! The first episode was painful. The second episode was so bad I stopped listening and trashed it immediately. Thank God you had Melissa Young on the next episode to the taste of this crap out of my mouth (or sound out of my ears, as it were).

    • Please don’t forget to comment on the shows that have guests you do like Anna! Poor melissa’s show looks so lonely with three comments.

      Is it easier to hate than it is to love?

      • Anna says:

        I’d be commenting on almost every show if I commented on all the ones I like. 😉 I’ve been a listener for over four years — I won’t say anything negative about the show unless I feel it’s important.

  14. Matt says:

    A RBR fan here. Awesome shows, both of them. I’ll hit up some other FOF shows too! The comedy is great!

  15. Ugh, I hated this how and the last with these guys. I couldn’t listen to the whole thing with all the talking over each other.

    That said, the shit stain story was funny.

  16. Zoomer says:

    I enjoyed both shows w/the Red Bar guys (except for when you all were tallking at once, haha) and will prolly check out their show. It’s funny how STRAIGHT straight people can be…kind of forget that sometimes. They seemed a little uncomfortable though trying hard not to show it. Snaps to you Marc and Fausto for building bridges…or is that baptizing by fire? 🙂 Heh heh. I appreciate that you’re willing to feature new types of guests.

  17. Their comedy night has really taken off from one show on Saturday to two shows on both Friday and Saturday. Take that improv!

  18. jockwolf says:

    Marc and Fausto, you should be ashamed! I mean, it’s great and all to have a couple of straight guys on the show for a change, a refreshing break from all the usually drag and drama. But, really — such a pair of stereotypes!! So many gay guys think that straight guys are clueless lunkheads, and these two couldn’t have been more clueless or lunkier! LOL!!

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