FOF #1113 – Incredibly Strange Christmas Music, Vol. 2

Dec 21, 2009 · 1985 views

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Christmas is so bizarre- the loud colors, the strange rituals and the omnipotent bearded Santa all lend a special psychedelic flavor to the winter months.

Listen to our annual collection of lesser known Incredibly Strange Christmas Music. Buy the music and make a trashy Christmas mix CD!


  1. RcktMan says:

    Thanks for the fun evening once again, guys! I always laugh so hard at these crazy songs, and at this crazy holiday. I always enjoy spending time on the Feast of Fun!!!

  2. Tina P says:

    Thanks for the shout out Fausto! Wish that I was in Chicago with you boys for the holiday. I’m actually missing real winter weather and some hot buttered rum to go with it. Stay warm – Love and Light to you.

    Have you noticed that there are some similarities between Flatulina’s song and Buzzy the Christmas Bee? LOL Could be a bee… might be a fart… who knows?

    I think that I have a formula for the generic animal Christmas song… 1) What is the name of your first pet? 2) What is the last animal that you saw (that was not your own)?

    __(insert 1 here)___ the Christmas ___(insert 2 here)___

  3. Blueboi says:

    uugh..maybe it’s just me, but i couldn’t finish this episode. Got into about the 4th song then i just had to stop.
    Maybe i’m just not feeling very festive. :/

  4. carrma says:

    Fun show! Hey Fausto–have you heard the Mae West Christmas album? If not, would you like to 😉

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