FOF #1195 – Crank the Gay Up to 11

May 20, 2010 · 1985 views

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We’re not always aware of it, but every day we all negotiate how we want to appear to others- at work, on the street and even at home. For many gay men, how we think about our sexuality is always up for grabs, which leads us to ask ourselves, “how gay do I want to be today?”

Today film maker Randall Jenson and his friends Timur ✩ Tugberk and Aaron Gray talk about his new documentary web series, 50 F*ggots which follows 12 gay men as they navigate the waters of life and reflect on what it means to be gay.


  1. Brooke says:

    I have to admit………I started listening to FOF for Cameron Esposito, but I am hooked on your podcast, and loved this episode in particular! it was just what I needed to hear. I’m probably going to listen to it again. “how gay do I want to be today” really hit home. thanks. each episode seems to get better. If only America’s lesbian sweetheart would drop in again;]

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I will think about Marc’s request. 🙂

    Of course there are also guys in the gay community who you can rely on, trust and who are quite supportive. But from my experience there is a lot of jealousy, gossiping and superficiality, especially in large cities with a big gay community. Sometimes I just a need a break from it and really enjoy to hang out with my straight friends.

  3. shadowheart51 says:

    Looks very promising! When will the next video be up?

  4. 50 F*ggots:
    I think the idea is great, just the fact that you can have the overview of an anthopologist and gender studies graduate on the “gay comunity” is great.
    I think the name is incendiary, and of course it will limit the public, nonetheless, it seems like Randall’s intention was that precisely.
    It makes a lot of th …e right questions, that sometimes is better than just having the answers. I love that it is inclusive in the wils variety of characters that appear in the show in terms of the interpretation of gender identity.
    I agree that it will be impossible to come up with a term that includes us all, even gay or homosexual, and specially queer are not conscensus terms, because in my opinion not everybody identifies in this categories.
    I think it has to do with 2 things in particular:
    The fact that thay actually are treated as synonims when they’re not: Gay, homosexual, and queer have very different cultural origins, and they can actually reffer to very different kind of people. Given the fact that might be a lot of overlaping.
    Second, is the fact that none of this terms can be attached to a fixed characteristic of any individual in the way that a sexual-biological differentiation can do it. If you are on the line of the people that thinks that sex is a given and not a construction you can easily label people by it… You are either Male or Female. Nonetheless, if you like to reflect on this topics it’s not hard to see that even sex is being subjected to a pragmatic revision by the people that defy it the most: Trans people. They have been able to come up with a whole new category of sex and gender deconstruction, making it impossible to have givens or assume anything about this topics.
    In that line, is very hard to think that there is really a LGBT community, when not all the people who are suppose to be forming it are 100 % respectful and inclusive. In my opinion there’s still a lot to do on that matter, specially when it comes to the most flamboyant identities, like fems, or drag queens.
    The latter are even deny the possibility of actually being an identity, and they are always regard as character, rather than as an intrinsic part of a person’s identity. Same for transexual people, who are often judge on their ability to pass on the chosen sex, rather than accepting that most of this pople have an unique perspective on gender and they should not be forced to conform to a male/female concept of a gender identity.

    I’m really looking foward to see the outcome of Jenson’s work,


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