FOF #1404 – How to Come Out of Everything

Jun 28, 2011 · 1985 views

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For many LGBT folks, coming out is one of the most important things they can do in their lives to be the best person they can be. But sadly, it’s not always so easy or obvious and for some, it could put their lives in danger. And then with social media, some wonder: “should I just get it all over at once and simply post a status update?”

What is the best way to come out?


  1. Fantastic show! Where to even begin?

    The idea that you feel connected so connected to your listeners that you feel like you know them before you meet them in real life is one of the things I have learned from you two & an idea that has changed my life. The fact that two handsome gentlemen can record a show from their apartment in Chicago and interact with some teenager from Michigan and help him learn about the community he is apart of is astounding. It’s an experience that I think many will share and will be very influential in the future (at least it has for mine).

    Next, everything (okay, most things) ever said on the show about how to come out has been extremely beneficial. I came out to my extended family recently & took much of the advice I’ve heard on the show to make the process smooth and successful. My mom even told me “Ryan, that went so smoothly that I feel you could have written a text book on it.” My response “Thanks Mom. But seriously, it was mostly shoplifted from Feast of Fun (that podcast I listen to).”

    **Fundraising idea: Feast of Fun Guide to Coming Out?**

    And everything involving flirting always makes me smile because I know Fausto is a Shiite Flirt Master.

    Keep up the incredible conversations and hard work. Don’t stress, the listeners got your backs.

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