FOF #1414 – The Mermaid Wars Rage On

Jul 18, 2011 · 1985 views

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The fishy feud between Katy Perry and Lady Gaga over who wears a mermaid outfit best and who ultimately, is the power music diva of this generation has opened up on a new front: Bette Midler.

Join us as we fill you in on all fishy goodness of the continuing saga of the Mermaid Wars and what Bette Midler doesn’t want you to know about her own mermaid shtick.


  1. Taylor Lautner has a shit eating grin after having lunch with Gus Van Sant And Dustin Lance Black.

  2. Andy says:

    How often do you practice your Cher voice, Fausto? You getting better and better at it!

  3. Paul says:

    Superman’s college girlfriend, Lois Lemaris, did mermaid in a wheelchair in 1959.
    Thanks for the podcasts!

  4. leaveittoherbeaver says:

    hey midler.. get over it… the mermaid in the wheelchair wasn’t YOUR idea either… has everyone forgot vaudville? (it was done waaay before the devine ms. M and gaga.)

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