FOF #1554 – Sex Advice for Straight Guys from Gay Men

Mar 30, 2012 · 1985 views

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Gay men have a hard time finding sex in a world that’s not always filled with rainbows, so a lot of us have come up with some pretty creative ways to find the sex we want.

Listen as we chat with Brian Sweeney about how to find the women, how to bed the women and how to make love to the women.


  1. cassiofm says:

    Great show, as always. Love when Brian is on the show, and what a great name Preashus is!!!

    I loved the song but I couldn’t find it on iTunes, is this the right name of the song?

  2. That’s the link to the artist, but the song doesn’t seem to e out yet.

  3. Andy says:

    Just came across that.

  4. Rick says:

    Great podcast guys. Love Brian!

  5. AL says:

    Hi, I’ve enjoyed most of your shows, but to be honest, this one sounded a bit misogynistic. Okay, that’s really NOT that unusual for a gay (male) podcast, but this episode seemed a little creepier than most.

    And I totally disagree with Brian Sweeney’s belief that “bullying” is somehow a good thing because it builds character or thins the herd or promotes survival of the fittest.

    Bullying thins the herd when people kill themselves.

    And LGBTQ people, especially young people, may not have ANYWHERE to turn for support.

    Who do most people turn to for support?

    They turn to their family, their friends, their teachers, perhaps school administrators, their church, even to popular culture which can have a lot of anti-gay messaging like (paraphrasing) “if my son came to me to tell me he was gay, and he was all faggoty, I’d stab [him] to death.”

    I truly believe that LGBTQ people pay for the abuse that we suffer our entire lives. WE pay for the “free speech” of others.

    Even Brian Sweeney admits that he’s still affected by the abuse that he suffered. He also said that he believes that LGBTQ people probably have it worse.

    So, yes we should learn to toughen up a little, learn to say “That’s Your Bullshit Not Mine.” to haters, and be very aware of how this world (and all the evil fuckers in it) have affected our lives.

    We pay a price for being LGBTQ and some of us may even have a form of PTSD which we deal with by self-medicating with drugs & alcohol, by isolating ourselves from the world, and by practicing unsafe sex.

    Everything that humans do is supposed to be about avoiding pain and finding pleasure.

    Keep podcasting. Thanks. – AL

    • Brian Sweeney says:

      I fully admit that saying I was speaking “in defense of bullying” was a bit of a misnomer, however, I was also trying to present it with some interesting angle since I am a performer. 
      I feel that bullies are a necessary evil of sorts, evolutionary-wise. This is strictly a feeling I have, and have done no research on it whatsoever. Bullies help to inform us what to look for in people to help our fight or flight response. Again, I am looking at it strictly as a logical, scientific thing, with no emotion or personal experience put into it. I am not excusing bullying, I am looking at it the same way I would look at serial killers. I’m curious about everything, and I like finding the “why’s” of things. Just because psychologists look into why Ted Bundy was how he was does not mean they are excusing it.
      Of course, I’m getting away from the main topic, which was how it was framed as me speaking in defense of bullying. It was more that I had a theory about bullying that seemed to make sense and helped to understand that bullies have a function, just as disease does because it helps maintain the global population. 
      The work that anti-bullying does, such as the wonderful Meg O’Rourke, is extremely important. There will always be dickbags, but people like Meg help to comfort the victims, and knowing there are people that care and have your back.

      The bottom line, AL, is that we can all agree that I am hilarious.

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