FOFA #1577 – Trouble in Paradise

May 10, 2012 · 1985 views

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This past March, sexy muscle daddy Dennis Mayer and his partner John Hart made international news after getting caught having sex on the balcony of their room on a gay cruise. They were arrested by the island country of Dominica, threatened with invasive rectal medical exams and up to 14 years in prison.

Today, Dennis and his partner John Robert Hart join us from their home in Palm Springs to talk about the horrific ordeal.


  1. mododavid says:

    Seriously? “Thought no one could see”? Looks like a pretty unobstructed view from the photo. Sounds like a BS excuse for exhibitionism. Somebody was caught with his dick in the “cookie jar”, so just own up to it and move on.

  2. Dave says:

    The story doesn’t add up – At first, they are 650 yards or whatever away from the dock — then, people on the cruise were embarrassed for them and went back on the boat – how can you go back on a boat unless its docked? And no it is NOT a fuzzy pic – it’s pretty clear (and the 50 something year old dude is actually looking at the camera).
    They may be the exception to the rule, but there are many MANY gay guys who flaunt, exhibition, wag their cocks in public all the time – am I to believe that this case was “different because … ”
    because what? Because they/you “Say So”? Please.

    Oh yea, and Fausto, I’m not ugly – so, um, nanner nanner

  3. Drew says:

    The photo is clear as ever. He’s looking straight at the camera! Horrible experience, I’m sure, but they brought it on themselves. That wouldn’t have been okay in a gay friendly country. It wouldn’t have been okay for straight people, either.

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