FOF #1815 – Beyond Stonewall

Jun 21, 2013 · 1985 views

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There’s no denying that the Stonewall Riots that happened in New York City in June of 1969 helped spark the modern LGBT rights movement. But before then, and since then, a lot has happened.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the more significant events that have helped make the world a better place for LGBT folks- Kinsey, Harvey Milk, the AIDS crisis, daytime tabloid talk shows and of course the rise of the Internet.


  1. Alan says:

    Wow, that gift basket is awful. It looks like something you’d put together for your weekend-get-together with friends –when you are sixteen, not like something you’d gift at a wedding! Also, I don’t know whether I prefer GaGa’s take on Pinhead, over Bjork’s. It’s close. Last, but not least: I’m glad to hear Exodus has closed it’s gates, hopefully they’ll emerge from their cocoon as a beautiful, fierce, and fabulous butterfly.

    Have fun this weekend you guys!

  2. tbh, I think the bride and the giftgiver are both losers. To the bride: If you are gonna whine about having to front $200 for a couple to attend your wedding, maybe don’t invite over 200 people??? Especially if a lot of them are just casual acquaintances which seems to be the case here. To the giftgiver: a basket of junkfood??? really??? Was she stoned when she put together this basket? because the foods she chose look like something a stoner would get at a grocery store with the munchies.

  3. “can’t support the financial future of a couple” ?!

    that is not the role of the wedding guest in ANY way shape or form. Ever. if you can’t afford to entertain 200 guests, have 20 guests, or whatever you can afford.

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