FOF #1820 – Drag Queen Under Attack

Jul 1, 2013 · 185387 views

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Last weekend Miles DeNiro, a young drag queen better known as Heidi Glum was severely beaten up by two girls at a pizza joint in Washington DC. Instead of helping her, bystanders video taped the hate crime and stood by yelling insults at Miles.

Today we’re talking with Heidi Glum- Miles DeNiro over the phone about this terrible incident, how he’s coping.


  1. Nile says:

    Who cares about the racial slur stuff. Those girls were horrible. Heidi/ Miles…. you need to learn self defense that is camera friendly. If people are going to get away with harming you, then you need to do something on your end to make sure you have protection. The law enforcement should be ashamed, and the restaurant establishment for allowing it to occur.

    I don’t even know you personally, and I am mad that these little girls did that. I know its been weeks, but seriously… this is horrible! No one deserves that… and being drunk is just an excuse.

  2. Nile says:

    excuse me… I meant to type “week” instead of weeks. *facepalm*

  3. draglover says:

    this totally sucks what happened, and i am sorry he got injured, and he should definitely not be charged with anything, but can someone explain how this is a hate crime? first off, they are all minorities so the hate crime could go both ways. second, there is nothing in the video or explained in the interview, that they beat him up BECAUSE he was gay. by his own admission they were all drunk and being stupid so if they are all going to get in each other’s faces and antagonize each other to the point they start fighting, then they both seem to be at fault. what would have happened if the black girl hit her head when she went down and died…i am pretty sure he would have been at fault. there is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself, but being a “bitchy queen” which he says he was being, when someone makes a snarky comment, isn’t the right way to defuse a situation which could escalate into violence. A drunk girl making fun of your makeup does not a hate crime make…from the evidence I see. Again I am more than welcome to hear the other side…all I ask is for it to be rational and not ridiculous.

    • I’m not a lawyer but I’ve watched a lot of episodes of Law & Order, so that counts for something…

      Hate Crimes are violent crimes that are motivated by prejudice. Hate crimes (also known as bias-motivated crimes, or race hate) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group. In this case, the girls clearly attacked Milo because they perceived him to be transgendered.

      Incidents may involve physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, or offensive graffiti or letters (hate mail). I’m not sure what the law in D.C. is regarding to attacks towards transgender people.

      • draglover says:

        Hmmm I guess I don’t see any evidence that “the girls clearly attacked Milo because they perceived him to be transgendered.” Milo said the Latina told him he needed to blend better and smeared his cheek, he said he was drunk and wanted to be bitchy so he did the same thing back. Couldn’t the girls easily claim he attacked them for being black and latina, especially after his racist twitter posts and even in this interview he calls them all sorts of names. Again I just don’t see any evidence that they spontaneously attacked him thinking he was transgender. I do drag too, I walk through plenty of bad neighborhoods, people make all sorts of comments, part of being a drag queen is having a sense of humor and being self-deprecating, instead of reacting annoyed and bitchy, laugh them off, win over your audience, don’t try to antagonize them. This could have ended much worse because again from what I see, it’s just a bunch of people being drunk and acting stupid.

  4. Michael D. says:

    has anyone autotuned this shit yet?

  5. Tim Webster says:

    Damn, that chick was huge! I would have hit her hard, too, if she came at me like that. All those other punk kids in the restaurant shouting and filming are disgusting. That generation is fucked.

    And that was totally a hate crime – if Miles presented as male I doubt the bitches would have paid him any mind. It all started because they were touching his make-up. But DC may not protect gender-expression/identity or sexual orientation.

    • draglover says:

      so you hit her hard and her friend pulls out a gun and shoots you…then what?? as is said in the interview, the best thing is to back off and step away. there’s no need to escalate the situation, especially if people are drunk.
      and how is touching someone’s makeup a hate crime?
      he touched her the same way and perhaps with a more angry intent, she’s latina, she could claim that was a hate crime against her, right?

  6. Andy says:

    He was NOT “severely” beaten.

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