FOF #1976 – Maximize Your Scruff

Apr 28, 2014 · 1985 views

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One of the more powerful apps to transform gay men’s love lives is Scruff, the creation of Johnny Skandros and Eric Silverberg. But with new technology comes new challenges on how to use it best.

You may have 99 problems, but getting some good dick should not be one of them.

Today, the fabulous Johnny Scruff shares with us the secrets to making the most of your social apps whether you’re looking for mister right or mister right-now-and-make-it-snappy!


  1. Bryce Lee Wynn says:

    I have to be honest. I wanted to hate this particular episode. As someone who has used apps like Scruff and Grindr., I have become jaded and turned off by the type of individuals I’ve encountered. However, listening to Johnny Scruff during this podcast episode, I found him so endearing. I found him extremely articulate and humble. As an avid listener of Feast of Fun, Johnny is one of my favorite guests and I would love to hear more from him in the future. Because of him, I have reinstalled Scruff to my phone and I am now find myself using the app in ways I never thought were possible for a “hookup app”.

    Marc and Fausto, I enjoy your commentary on political and entertainment issues. I must admit, I was once a premium subscriber but due to financial reasons I made the choice to get rid of my subscribers. I am now seriously reconsidering reversing this decision. Keep on doing what you’re doing! Love you both, my gay uncles!

  2. Artemisia says:

    Hey guys, Johnny Scruff sounds like one of thr most down to earth guys. It’s refreshing to find somone who is running a major app who still just seams like eh it aint no thing. He is cuddely lol

    The whole Alaska Thunderfuck trans* video thing, just gurr and sigh. I really do hate the word shemale. I know Ru Paul’s context isn’t the same and partly I don’t really care about it… I seam to be a weird trans* person because some stuff it gets to me but it doesn’t.
    Sometimes I really do think trans* need to pick the right fights.
    I really do think trans* people should devote more time taking care of trans* on the streets. I’ve been there, it is no fun, if not for the gay comunity I’d be dead, and that is not a metaphor. Because of this in my life I try to help where I can in any way I can.

    For my self I won’t police what someone says in a club cus thats their own business, in the media it might want to be taken in to consideration just because if your brodcasting to a wide group of people and trans* people are watching, policing language for us is the same as staying away from words that are offensive racist or sexist etc.

    PS sqweee! = ) I <3 Andy Warhol
    Check out my little art tribute to him. It's a parady to his "Think rich, look poor." photo.

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