FOF #2034 – Hook Up History

Aug 19, 2014 · 1985 views

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Gay men have always been very resourceful when it comes to finding sexy fun in a sometimes hostile world. Before guys found each other on apps and websites, they figured out creative ways to come together.

Today Jack Ryan, TV host and creator of “The 10% Show,” Chicago’s very first cable access tv show for the LGBT folks joins us to talk about the evolution of men meeting up for sex, from cruising the street back in the day to the latest hook up apps.


  1. Here is Alaska’s Ice Bucket challenge video, which impressively is even better than Chris Pratt’s (but not as sexy.)

  2. Bryce says:

    Lube and ass! LMAO! Oh Marc, behave! Behave!

  3. colaboy29 says:

    What an awesome show! I loved Jacks stories about how it was to be gay in the 70’s. I just did a research paper for history class on the Stone Wall Riots that has really gotten me interested in early gay life after those riots. Bravo to another great episode and congrats on making your CwDQ goal!

    P.S. – Alaska’s Ice bucket challenge is so funny simply because the light reflection makes it look like she has gigantic cartoon pupils. Shades of Jessica Rabbit!

  4. Jack Ryan says:

    Jack Ryan

    you guys really got me remembering things from back in the day. I forgot to tell you that besides, bars, and discos there were HOUSE PARTIES. They were the best. People’s entire house all floors would completely get crazy with food, music, liquor and sex. In the 70’s when a queen thru a party it wasn’t just red and white wine. It was EVERYTHING and lots of it. All drinks! And one thing all gay 70’s parties had was a room or floor that was for getting off. Every party had a sex area. Even if it was just where they kept the coats. People got DOWN.. lolol (ok, I’m done)

  5. Jack Ryan says:

    70’s Gay Phrase Book

    1. read – go off on, criticize “mary, she read!” “don’t read I remembered the potato salad !”

    2. tip – leave, or walk thru “she stole that blouse and just tipped ”

    3. beat – worked. well done. “her face was totally beat.” “I have to beat my face.”

    4. living – extreme enjoyment “She was living for that gown.” “She was living her life for that new trade.”

    5. late – awful, stupid, bad “This place is late, let’s go.”

    6. tired – awful or bad, not as bad as “late.”

    7. book – forcefully leave “After she lost that joint she just booked.”

    8. crack – criticize “He cracked on her for being tired.”

    9. lock – great, very happening “her new face locked !” “she rocked, she locked, she peed !” followed buy finger pop.”

    10. mug boy – what they now call banjee. rough trade that is on the down low. someone to watch out for on the street because they can rob a child. “She and her mug boys are going to get her in trouble one day, sister.”

    11. boost – steal, shoplift. “she’s a boostin’ bitch”

    12. kicky – fun, happening. “how was the club last night? Oh, it was kicky, girl.”

    13. kiss – fun, happening. “was the party fun? Oh, it was a kiss, miss thing. you shoulda been there!”

    14. miss woman – this is anyone you want to designate. “Hi, Miss Woman!” “Look at Miss Woman, she’s wearin’ that coat !” Or just a general exclamation of surprise or shock: “MISS WOMAN !” Or even WOHHHMAN.

    15. snatched – refers to hair. Pulled back severely. “that hair was snatched!” ” ooh, she looked good! ” (also, she lookdid lovely)

    16. children – the party people. “the children were out last night” “all the children were there.”

    17. flux – confusion upheaval and disarray. “she gave me the flux”

    18. come out of a bag – evil and funky. “oh, she got mad and came right out of a bag and tried to let me have it.”

    19. peed – great, really good. “Oh, she peed with that new car.” He was dressed so great, I mean he peed, totally peed.”

    20. shitted – fantastic, a brilliant stroke. “you shitted for that hat.”

    21. miss one – pejorative. “Look at Miss One she thinks she’s on fire.”

    22. meat for the people – well endowed. “baby, he had meat for the people.”

    23. for days – a large amount of something. “They had food for days !” “hair for days!”

    24. low – appearance compliment. “her boyfriend is low.” “oh, my god, he’s low”

    25. of life – big compliment, epitome. “She had the clothes of life!” “that’s the hairdo of life !”

  6. Great show! I greatly enjoyed hearing Jack Ryan’s stories. I really hope he is able to recuperate his cable access TV show videos. I fondly remember watching queer shows on public access in NYC in the 1990s. It’s also been great watching episodes of El Chow de Faustina, Fausto’s public access show from Austin, Texas. I was also very happy that Jack mentioned Danny Sotomayor, the important Chicago Latino AIDS activist. Here is a link to a moving article about Sotomayor by Achy Obejas:

  7. Jack Ryan says:

    Great article about Danny. Thanks !

    Jack Ryan

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