FOF #2065 – Lady Bunny on the Changing Face of Gay Culture

Oct 15, 2014 · 1985 views

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Over the past decade, the Internet and smart-phones have changed our world by helping us document the most powerful moments of our lives.

Today we’re talking to drag mother, Wigstock founder, Dean of Drag and political pundit Lady Bunny about the changing face of gay culture and how the internet changed our ability to connect with each other in person and live in the moment.


  1. Than says:

    I don’t usually listen to the drag queen episodes, but I love Lady Bunny. Who would have ever thought? A drag queen with a brain and an opinion to match?

    I have the right to use the words that I choose. My voice is my power. You have the right to be offended. Don’t listen if you want to take away my power.

    How many more times is a trans person called ‘faggot’ pejoratively? I would bet more than ‘tranny’. Trans people and gay people have common cause against the same bigots. Gay or trans or anywhere on the spectrum, we are all ‘transgressive’, and our enemy is tradition, the tradition that would say that we are wrong to be who we are, whatever the label.

    “At every croasroads on the road that leads to the future, tradition has placed against us ten thousand men to guard the past.” -Maurice Polydore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck

    Hilary could be the worst thing to happen to the Democratic Party since Barack Obama. Lady is spot on. President Obama is very effective at getting done what he wants to get done. Democrats are wrongly imagining that he wants to get done something different from what he has. It isn’t all the Republitards in Congress obstructing Obama’s agenda. Obama is not a liberal.

    I never wanted to get married, but we wanted the legal protection, so we got married. No church.

  2. Jonas says:

    “I love and respect trans people so much” – but not enough to not use words they find dehumanizing and disrespectful. Okay.

  3. TheOneDoc says:

    I’m with Bunny. I don’t need every moment of my life documented.
    In fact I only take pictures if someone nags me enough to do so and even than I tend to forget.

    I also don’t google fotos of myself and repost ’em on social media.

    To me that’s a sport best left to obsessed fans and wonnabe stalkers.

  4. Yeah Lady Bunny! I love your looooooooooooooong interviews with that ole windbag. She has a lot of sharp insight that really makes me think.

    She and RuPaul sum up my opinion on the “Tranny” matter pretty well. Tranny does not always refer to “transexual” but can also refer to “transvestite”. I also agree that some in the trans community have taken its use by the larger LGBT community out of context and are fighting against allies instead of actual enemies. However, I also understand Parker’s point of view – the use of the word hurts her. Frankly, it doesn’t cost me anything not to say “tranny”, so I am happy to oblige. I can honestly say I have never used the word to describe anybody and never intend to. It’s just not part of my vocabulary. By the way, it has also been awesome to hear Parker mature and become more nuanced in her views. Good to hear her admit to mistakes, to grow from them, and yet still stick to her guns on what she is most passionate about. Keep up the good work and thanks for presenting both sides! You certainly have been thorough. As one of my old professors use to say “I’m going to beat that dead horse until you can smell it!”

  5. Oh, and congrats on the impending marriage (Cue dramatic gopher music). Enjoy the spotlight and the flood of love while you can. My husband and I just got married a couple weeks ago and suddenly people we hardly ever talk to were requesting to be facebook friends (to snoop) and screaming bloody murder because we hadn’t thought to tell them. It’ll be a fun rollercoaster for you both.

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