FOF #2133 – Fashion Faux Pas

Mar 16, 2015 · 1985 views

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Elton John isn’t having any of what designers Dolce & Gabbana are peddling this season. It’s not their spring collection he’s having problems with, it’s their outdated views on what constitutes a family.

The Italian design duo recently told the press that children born to gay couples through in vitro fertilization are “synthetic,” and nothing beats a fresh baby made with pussy and a dong.


  1. Jeff says:

    If you are a well to do muscle homo OR a rich straight bitch with money AND you are wearing D&G’s overpriced whorewear, you know you’re wrong, folks.

  2. Curtis says:

    Oh come on guys, Zoolander was a hit and has taken on a whole life of it’s own on DVD/bluray . “Blue Steel” has become a recognizable part of pop culture. The reality is that studios are preferring to invest in projects with established audiences. Even huge powerful people like Steven Spielberg have said making original projects is near impossible in the current business environment. If Ben Stiller wants to make a new film he little choice but to dip into his own catalog and make sequels of his popular films. I would totally see it.

    • Zoolander was perfect in it’s own way. Watched the hell out of it when I was a kid, could quote almost every line. Will Ferrell was at that point in his career when he was still really fucking funny. The way the movie mocked the fashion industry was great.

      my only concern with the sequel, is that the comedy will just fall flat like it did with the 2nd Anchorman movie. The first Anchorman movie was also genius and perfect in it’s own way, but the sequel was just awful. I just don’t think the Zoolander sequel will be able to capture what made the first one so good, but we’ll see.

      • Curtis says:

        Sure, but “is it going to be a good movie” is the question with every project whether original, sequel, reboot or remake. Let’s not forget there are literally hundreds of feature films released each year and maybe 20 of them in a good year are going to be excellent, and another 40 will be “good”, the rest are average to terrible.

      • Curtis says:

        I would also say that a sequel does not impact the existence or funniness of the original. Zoolander will still exist in it’s original form to amuse or annoy as it always did. Even if Zoolander 2: Electric Bluegaloo sucks, it wont ruin the original or erase it.

    • To reiterate the point I was trying to make about feminism is this. Thanks to the internet, the feminist movement has become one giant clusterfuck, with so many different voices speaking on the issues of equal rights, and some people, are sick and tired of it.

      Many women of varying gender, race, and class, feel either disenfranchised or jaded by it all. They, along with me to a certain extend, see the feminist movement online as a bunch of entitled white women complaining about the most trivial of bullshit and say to themselves “If this is what feminism has become then I don’t want any of it.”

      There was this one screencap of an article I nice found on tumblr that I tried to find again, but couldn’t, but it was a quote from this a woman’s rights activist of non-Caucasian descent, who perfectly described what I am trying to say. She was responding to the online feminists who led a crusade against that NASA guy, the one who helped land a fucking satellite on a meteor, but because he wore this t-shirt that had some half-naked warrior babes on it, the online feminist community treated him like he was worse than Hitler, and he made a public apology, it was utterly ridiculous. There was a huge backlash against the online feminist community, but like with everything on the internet, after a while people moved on to the next thing to get outraged over.

      But that’s what online feminism has become to many people, petty arguments over things that won’t further help the fight for equality, and this woman went off on them, saying women need to reclaim feminism from being this movement about “trivial bullshit”, I can’t for the life of me find the quote, it must have been deleted….


      IT’S COMPLICATED. There are people out there who want to fight for equality, women’s rights, gender equality, but do not want to associate the word “feminism” to it because they don’t believe the movement speaks for them. That’s all it boils down to.

      YET people who want to proudly call themselves feminists and fight for what THEY see as feminism don’t seem get that

      • actually I found the article I was talking about. It was about a speech a women named Hirsi Ali gave last year where she vented her frustrations with the feminist movement in the West and a forum for women.

        “What we are now doing with the victory, and I agree with you if you condemn that and I condemn whole-heartedly the trivial bullshit it is to go after a man who makes a scientific breakthrough and all that we as women — organized women — do is to fret about his shirt?” Hirsi Ali said, referring to the controversy generated by the shirt featuring cartoons of scantily-clad women worn by the scientist who helped land a robot on a comet. “We must reclaim and retake feminism from our fellow idiotic women.”

  3. Curtis says:

    I think it is delusional for POC to ask the LGBT movement to make race related issues front and center in their agendas. Should we ask NOW and NAACP to put LGBT issues front and center in their agendas? I think it’s completely fair for POC to ask LGBT organizations to make sure that POC issues are on the radar and that ally status on those issues is clear and that LGBT orgs work as allies with NOW or NAACP or whoever. LGBT orgs should be concerned first and foremost with issues that impact ALL LGBT folks – sexuality/gender based discrimination issues. As a secondary concern LGBT groups can issue allied statements and encourage membership to participate in breast cancer, economic justice, voting rights, police brutality reform movements etc…

  4. Philia says:

    Jesus christ can yall keep your marital spats off the podcast? I’m all for good debate about ideas but there’s nothing constructive about an extended back and forth about who’s right and who’s wrong.

  5. Federico says:

    I live in Milan and this morning in the office I was talking with my colleagues about the whole Boycott D&G story.

    On one side I agree that we can’t expect words of wisdom from Dolce and Gabbana. On the flip side it’s appalling that two gay men in an eminent position waste so much energy is saying something so stupid. It’s like the whole Barilla scandal: there’s no way saying something like that will help your business, so shut up!

    Dolce and Gabbana have always been against gay marriage and now this… they really must be miserable in their cocoons…

  6. The trans bathroom issues boils down to the public not understanding and still putting anyone under the very large rainbow umbrella into a sexual deviant category. (Plus taking away their identity and stripping them of all respect as a human being.) They, the haters, are not understanding that trans has NOTHING to do with sexual attraction and/or behavior. There is sexuality, gender expression, and biological sex which is confusing to some.

  7. colaboy29 says:

    Dear Fausto: Please, stop saying “I’m horny” in that obnoxious voice. It’s getting to the point each time you do it I want to turn off the episode.

    Thank you.

  8. Kat says:

    I was pretty disappointed in your general dismissive attitudes in relation to gamers and debates about female representation in games. Feminists aren’t out to steal your Festival of Id games. They aren’t going to line up at Game Stop and slap the money out of your hands each time you try to hand it to the cashier. You’re free to purchase, consume, and enjoy whatever content you purchase, consume and enjoy. They are out to have a dialogue about how women are represented in video games. Your expressed attitude that the dialogue shouldn’t even take place was pretty surprising, especially when you followed it right up with talking about the importance of sparking insight and conversation through television programming.

    Regarding why gamers identify so strongly with gaming, it is because gaming is a unique form of media in that you are forced to participate. You can’t just passively consume video games, you have to engage them or you’ll just be spending three hours staring at the back of a character’s head wondering when they’re going to start doing something fun for you. People who watch movies don’t identify as movie watchers, but people who actively engage in them call themselves actors. People who listen to music don’t call themselves album listeners, but people who actively participate in music call themselves musicians. Video games are unique in that they allow each and every consumer to be a participant; while not every person can be handed a costume, put into makeup, plopped on a set, given a script and directed by a team of professionals to star as Tony Stark in the next Iron Man movie, a video game is able to set up the world and the parameters of plot and engage each consumer to be a part of the process.

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