FOF #2353 – Unlock the Power of Hypnosis

Jul 6, 2016 · 1985 views

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Listen. Listen very carefully to the sound of my voice. You’re coming under my command right now, so take your clothes off, touch yourself wherever it feels good and let the good times roll.

Joining us is professional hypnotist Serena Stone, who helps people become more productive and live the lives they truly want to live.


  1. Federico says:


    Ages ago you had an astrologer on Feast of Fools and you ended up with a show completely bonkers.
    This episode reminded me of that.

    Serena may be the best hypnotist in Chicago but this doesn’t manifest itself in the episode.

    I don’t believe in hypnosis and perhaps I shouldn’t have commented on it but I really found this episode insubstantial. You didn’t really sound into it either but maybe I’m too biased.

    Love you guys!

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