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FOF #2353 – Unlock the Power of Hypnosis

Listen. Listen very carefully to the sound of my voice. You’re coming under my command right now, so take your clothes off, touch yourself wherever it feels good and let the good times roll.

Joining us is professional hypnotist Serena Stone, who helps people become more productive and live the lives they truly want to live.

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VIDEO: Transphobic Tampon Ads – Pull the Plug, Already!

So! Libra is a company that sells tampons and other feminine hygiene products in the Australasian region (they operate internationally under the name “Libresse”). They’ve rung in the New Year with a controversial new ad. […]

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PHOTO: Give Pee Wee Herman an Award for Being Pee Wee Herman

Sadly even though The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway didn’t get nominated for a single Tony Award, they are winners in our hearts. Check out this absolutely hilarious ad promoting the show parodying Melissa Leo’s […]

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Adshel Removes Gay-Friendly Ad, Then Reinstates It

So, Adshel is the company responsible for most ads one sees installed in bus shelters across Australia and New Zealand. One of their bus posters, a condom ad featuring two men embracing (a couple in […]

Video: LED Teeth – the Next Big Fashion Trend?

This video shows some parts of the production of two commercials by Tokyo-based artists Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibashi. In one  TV commercial for a deparment store, the models danced with eyes closed and teeth […]

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VIDEO: Star Wars Mind-F**King.

I don’t wanna give it away.  Just watch it.  This kid is trying out his newly imagined powers as a Darth Lord.  WHO was NOT this kid growing up?

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VIDEO: Candy Bar Ad Features Hulk in Drag

In a hilariously desperate attempt to “go viral” the Butterfinger candy bar company has hired former Hulk bodybuilding champion Lou Ferigno to dress up in drag.

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Marc Jacobs Follows Tom Ford’s Naked Ad Lead (NSFW)

Marc Jacobs is one hot designer, in more ways than one! Recently, Jacobs nearly bared all to sell his scent. You might remember back in 2007 when Tom Ford made his “ass”-ets the centerpiece of […]

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Same-Sex Couples in Armani Exchange Ads Anger Parent Group

Armani Exchange came up with a “Share the Love” Valentine’s Day campaign, which is unique in that it features same-sex couples. However, the American Family Association’s is upset by the ads. The organization aims […]

Commercial Break- Aretha Franklin’s Snickers Ad

Apparently being hungry or going on long road trips with your buddy will make you gay, or at least a bytchy diva. Check out this hilarious superbowl ad featuring Aretha Franklin (and Liza Minelli.) Weather […]

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