FOF #2354 – Stop the Madness

Jul 8, 2016 · 1985 views

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People say “If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention” but we are more than angry, we are also heartbroken over the intolerable level of violence committed against people of color in the United States.

Joining us today to help us make sense of all this madness is Fawzia Mirza, Pakistani-Canadian Muslim comedian, actress and international sex symbol.


  1. jimmyV says:

    As far as black lives matter I am Pro-Cop and Pro-Black. I will not take sides. For not all Cops are bad, as not all Blacks are bad. This whole “Us” vs “Them” mentality has got to stop before it tears us all apart. Let’s sit at the table together and come up with a solution. We have got to be better than this…please.

  2. TheOneDoc says:

    It’s almost funny to see Americans walking into the same trap over and over again.

    You put up a tool like Dumb Trump and you all fall in line with “let’s vote the establishment candidate”.
    Sure nothing will change for 4 possibly 8 years but at least it’s not Trump. Let’s try a 3ed Party next time.

    And you wonder why your system is broken and the laughing stock for the rest of the world.

    • the only way to make 3rd parties an option is for them to get involved at the local level and work their way up. you can’t expect people to pay attention when a 3rd or 4th party pops up only every four years and only for the top political position.

    • excellent show, very thought provoking.

      i have to ask about the use of latinx. there is already a gender-free word: latin. English has no gender, why complicate it with another language’s grammar? entiendo completamente el uso de la palabra en español, latino, latina y latinx, pero en ingles? English loves to borrow from other languages, but why borrow if there is an english word already?

      the question of head covers is very vexing for me (baffling, not annoying). 100 years ago it was the norm for mainstream western christian women to cover their heads. i can’t say I know the rationale (was it to not turn on men?), but now mainstream christian women do not cover up. is it fair to say islam is 100 years “behind” christianity in this regard? in 100 years will this be a non issue in the west, ie. all women, regardless of ethnic background, will give up religious modesty garb?

  3. Not the Baby Daddy says:

    There are a few issues I had with Ms. Mirza’s interview. You can’t refer to the Pulse Nightclub shooter as someone with a “Muslim name” to distance the fact that he was a Muslim. You also shouldn’t be permitted to infer racism against brown people when the attacker is a brown person. (I never liked the obfuscation that Zimmerman is Latino; not white. More on that later. ) I also don’t think it’s OK to use an excuse that if Hilary becomes president it would be culturally respectful to cover her hair in Arab settings. Considering the general Muslim context of cultural sexism (i.e., child marriage, honor killings, denied education, female genital mutilation and etc., I would say that it would send the wrong message of subjugation for Hilary to abide the conceit of hair covering. There have been reports of Muslim leaders refusing to meet with Clinton and being digitally removed from pictures because she’s a woman. No, I think Muslims need to respect Clinton’s office and she’s a powerful woman, so fuck that shit. If it was just the scarf fine, but we know it runs a hell of a lot deeper than that. I laughed bitterly when I heard you all talking about how “Muslim phobic” America is. If the white gun shop clerks who reported the Pulse shooter were wrong, you would have been marching against racial profiling. As Muslim phobic as some think America is, at least survival as gay is a whole lot better here than the most progressive Muslim country. America isn’t perfect, but compared to the daily reports of the shocking inhumanity of Muslims toward other Muslims, I’m good where I’m at even if I have to indulge occasionally misdirected kill-whitey rants from clueless liberals. I’ll bide my time for you all to discuss black on black or brown on brown crimes. As someone who is black, I can say minorities can be their own worst enemies and the sheer numbers of Muslims who leave the safety of home for Islamic state is singularly incomprehensible, especially for women who are treated as less than.

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