FOF #2491 – Your Instagram Is Terrible

May 23, 2017 · 19597 views
Behold the majesty of our moderately successfull Instagram photos. Follow us: @faustofernos, @marcfelion @codymelcheresq.

Behold the majesty of our desperate cries for attention, masked as Instagram photos. Follow us: @faustofernos, @marcfelion, @codymelcheresq.

Your Instagram is terrible, but we love you anyway.

We all have those friends we love in real life, but their online personality sucks- whether it’s thousands of the same old selfie, tin foil hat fear fantasies or endless promotions to shows you have no way of attending, their social media feed is chock full of not so tasty nuts.

Are we the monsters that we fear in others?

Today, comedian Cody Melcher joins us to take a deeper look at why we’re all sharing such embarrassing stuff about ourselves on the Internet, and why celebrities come across as fascist dictators when all they want to do is give out good advice to their fans.


Katy Perry finally spills the tea on her feud with Taylor Swift

Star Wars goes gay for a little publicity.

I'll wear yours, if you'll wear mine.

I’ll wear yours, if you’ll wear mine.

Claw machines with kittens in China.

Pittsburgh Pride gets taken over by a right wing, pro-fracking, anti-gay Republican corporation.


  1. Cody Melcher! Keep Instagramming your shopping basket! Thanks for coming on the show!

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