FOF #2624 – Wild, Juicy, Messy and Miss Understood

Jun 6, 2018 · 2355 views

The 90s were wild, messy times. Miss Understood (center), photo: David Shankbone. Left to right: Annie Sprinkle with her boobs inside the American flag to comment on body liberation, Karen Finley covered in chocolate to comment on sexism, Diamanda Galas covered in stage blood to comment on the AIDS crisis, Vaginal Davis sucking cherries and whipped cream off a guys toes for fun and GG Allin covered in poop.

The early 90s were wild, messy and outrageous times. At the height of the AIDS crisis, after a decade of Reagan and Bush, performance artists, comedians, musicians and drag queens were all busy challenging their audiences by sticking yams up their butts, throwing poop at them, and sucking whipped cream and cherries off their toes.

So why does it seem like people today are more outraged than ever? Is this just a false perception due to social media?

Today New York City drag legend Miss Understood joins us to take a look at the outrageous acts of performance artists and drag queens of the early 90s and how a prom dress caused such a confused controversy over cultural appropriation on the Internet.


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All this plus Showgirls with monkeys!

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