FOF #2628 – Cuckoo for Coco Sho-Nell

Jun 19, 2018 · 2663 views

You can drink the milk after you’re done feasting on the lovely Coco Sho-Nell. Photos courtesy of Coco Sho-Nell.

Some folks seem to know everyone! Like today’s guest, Coco Sho-Nell, whose grandmother was besties with gospel legend Mahalia Jackson and in high school Coco was gal pals with Nelsan Ellis, the late actor best known for playing Lafayette Reynolds in the HBO series True Blood.

Today Coco Sho-Nell joins us to talk about her life as a Chicago drag queen, her roots in musical theater, to physically building the stage at The Call bar and celebrating the life of her close friend Nelsan Ellis.

Listen as we kiki with Coco about her magic fingers, the amazing Godfather of Rap Rudy Ray Moore and Lady Reed / “The Madam” / Queen Bee and her iconic advice album “The Sensuous Black Woman.”


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