FOF #2748 – Art After Stonewall

Jun 3, 2019 · 2087 views

From left to right:
Fred McDarrah, Celebration After Riots Outside Stonewall Inn, June 1969.
Andy Warhol, Marsha P. Johnson in ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ Series. 1975.
Peter Hujar, Daniel Ware (Cockette), 1971. Photos courtesy of the Art After Stonewall Exihibit.

The category is: queer art!

In the 50 years since the Stonewall Riots a lot has happened in the art world: lesbian, gay, bi, queer, trans and non-binary people have come out into the world and created marvelous art depicting their authentic lives.

A massive two venue exhibition and book, “Art after Stonewall,” takes a look at the art, artists and activists that engaged with LGBTQ+ politics to unapologetically portray same-sex and trans desire while shattering the gender binary.

Today the show’s curator, art historian Jonathan Weinberg joins us to marvel at the amazing artists who changed the world in the two decades after Stonewall- from Fred McDarrah’s iconic 1969 photo, “Celebration After Riots Outside Stonewall Inn,” to William Olander and Gran Fury’s iconic graphic design of a pink triangle paired with the expression “Silence Equals Death.”

Listen as we chat with Jonathan about lesbian art about vaginas from Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party to Tee A. Corinne’s Cunt coloring book, gay art couples who took the everyday and transformed it into magic, art as a response to the AIDS Crisis and the impact of the NEA Four.

Featured Book:

Jonathan Weinberg – Art after Stonewall: Amazon

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