FOF #2766 – Drag Queen Season is Here

Aug 8, 2019 · 2078 views

Marc Felion on the left, Camp Wannakiki’s Kitty Litter ATX, Ms Anne Thorpe, Fausto Fernós and Pam Dulce at Bulimianne Rhapsody and Chique Fil-A-Tio’s UnBEARAble drag showcase.

As the summer heat starts to cool off and the kids go back to school, drag queens all over are getting ready for the fall, which has many late summer Pride celebrations and of course Halloween, the season of the witch.

But just because Drag Race is secretly filming right now doesn’t mean there’s not a shortage of fabulous shows featuring new and exciting gender blenders!

Today we take a sneak peek at Dragula Season 3, Camp Wannakiki Season 2 and the fall lineup of Cooking with Drag Queens!


Another LGBT media empire bites the dust.

Pose gets the an intergenerational love story.

Taylor Swift wants you to know she’s bi.

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The sexy quarterback everyone hates Tom Brady has a son who doesn’t like football.


  1. Great show! I enjoyed hearing about Fausto’s performance in Austin, Texas, the upcoming seasons of Dragula, Camp Wanakiki and Cooking with Drag Queens and Terrence McNally!

  2. Jim C says:

    Loved this show! Looking very forward to your new content. Hugs!

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