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FOF #1711 – Apocalypse Meow

Move over Y2K, there’s a new apocalypse in town and this one has a spicy Mexican flair. Ay, ay ay!

The hilarious grumpy cat of comedy Brian Tiberius Sweeney joins us to talk about strange and colorful 2012 conspiracy theories, why it’s either hogwash or why maybe they might be right.

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VIDEO: Roman Lob – Standing Still – Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Roman Lob performing his song “Standing Still” This year the Eurovion Song Contest will take place in Azerbaidschan in May as a group from Azerbaidschan won last year when the contest took place in Germany. […]

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Sarah Palin 2012….We Were Warned.

SNL paints a horrifying picture of the future.

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: 2012

I have to confess something right up front.  I’m a disaster film junkie. When I was a little boy back in the 1970’s during what I consider the golden age of the disaster film I […]

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FOF #931 – Rendez-vous with Ramen Noodles

You thought the last election was about change? Well in 2012, some believe a dwarf star will travel near the Earth and bring about profound spiritual transformation or an apocalypse, take your pick. We know […]

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FOF #860 – In the Year 2012

Today Erik Sosa, gay painter, artist and dad talks about moving to the remote parts of Kenosha, Wisconsin with his partner Mark and their two beautiful baby boys. Erik’s been reading quite a few books […]

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