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FOF #2019 – Nice People Are More Likely To Hurt You

Instinctively, we tend to be a little suspicious about folks who are nice all the time. Underneath that sunny disposition, are they hiding a knife to stab you in the back?

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at a new study that says nice people are the first to hurt you.

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Adam Corolla: When Did We Start Giving a Sh!t About [Gays]?”

Tracy Morgan’s rant was awful, but it was probably intended to be a self-aware joke.  Even those, like me, who thought it was hurtful and harmful to our community generally recognize that this terrible joke […]

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VIDEO: Phillip Hinkle’s Accuser Kameryn Gibson Speaks Out

Anti-gay republican Phillip Hinkle was caught soliciting sex from 18 year old Kameryn Gibson and now the young man is speaking out.

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VIDEO: Newt Gingrich Gets Glitter-Bombed at Book-Signing

Even better than a pie in the face, because we all know glitter is the herpes of craft supplies: it NEVER goes away! And to the security guy at the end of the video: “Do […]

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House Hearing on Defending Doma

The House of Reps is trying to figure out if it’s worth their while to defend DOMA and I’m guessing this is probably the first of many hearings on the issue. As long as they […]

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VIDEO: Powerful Irish Anti-Gay Bullying Ad.

They’ve take the charge against anti-gay bullying very seriously in Ireland.  Just watch the video.  I cried – – it’s just so cute.

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Apple Approves Anti Gay Rights App

Apple has approved an iPhone app which calls on users to sign up to a declaration against LGBT rights and gay marriage. The app is based on the Manhattan Declaration, a manifesto released in 2009 […]

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Under our noses: Chicago LGBT folk should watch Meeks closely

Anti-choice and anti-gay mega-church pastor and State Senator Reverend Meeks wants to unite Chicago’s African American community behind his bid for mayor, but when he gets there, will he make this haven a living hell for LGBT citizens? His record says yes.

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Listen: NPR on the Root of Anti-Gay Sentiment in Uganda

Terry Gross talks to journalist Jeff Sharlet about the harsh anti-gay laws in Uganda and its connection to the right wing shadow organization “The Family.” -Read more

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IMAGE: Anti-Gay Exodus Youth and Ridiculous Masturbation Illustration

Anti-gay Exodus Youth asks the question “Is Masturbation a sin?” and this is how the illustrate it!

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