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FOF #1177 – Bright Lights, Big City

Small towns are starting to embrace the gays, but for some people, the big city is the answer to all their problems. Today blogger Ryan Justice rolls out the Big Gay Welcome Wagon, his blog dedicated to the needs of small town gays who move to big cities in search of happiness.

Plus: Grace Jones says she’s “pissed” at Lady Gaga, a couple is arrested for providing breast implants without medical training, Scott Herman’s bold red suit, and a rooster crows “cock a doodle don’t” and becomes a hen.

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FOF #1158 – Butching It up with Sinclair Sexsmith

For gay, lesbian, bi and trans folks blogging is an exciting way to discover their sexier side by reflecting on their experiences with others.

Today we continue our series of interviews with well known bloggers. Kinky writer, queer butch top, Sinclair Sexsmith of the Sugarbutch Chronicles talks about her journey writing erotica, coming out and New York City’s Lesbian Sex Mafia!

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FOF #960 – In the Pink with Davey Wavey

Web Designer David Jakes turned to video blogging to document and reflect on his life experiences. A year later as Davey Wavey, his video blog became one of the more popular channels on YouTube, in […]

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