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FOF #2662 – The Queen of Nice is Now the Queen of Camp

Kindness is in short supplies these days, so it’s great to see Chicago’s Queen of Nice, Alexis, snatch the coveted crown on Camp Wannakiki. Today Alexis P Bevels, the winner of Camp Wannakiki joins us to take a look at her time at the drag internment camp and what it takes to go all way!

FOF #2640 – A Sneaky Peeky at Camp Wannakiki

Attention all campers! Pack your bags. We’re headed to the wilds of Camp Wannakiki with Ashley and Brandon Wright’s drag alter she-go’s: Apple Brown Betty and Cherry Pi Sugarbaker.

Today the twins who run Hamburger Mary’s share their story on how they went from burger brothers to campy sisters with their new reality series Camp Wannakiki.

FOF #2359 – In Search of the Real Joan Crawford

The film “Mommie Dearest” single handedly cemented Joan Crawford as camp icon for drag queens to emulate but is it a an accurate portrayal of the real Crawford?

Joining us is historian Bryan Johnson, who was inspired to create “The Concluding Chapter of Crawford,” a website museum dedicated to the last two decades of the actress’ life.

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VIDEO: ”Fierceness” Interpretation Of ”Bad Romance” by Daniel Joseph Baker

Cute kid, indomitably prissy (the best kind of prissy!) gaybie, and an unforgettable talent.  Daniel Joseph Baker strutted onto the stage on America’s Got Talent and transformed “Bad Romance” into his own theme song.  Wonderful […]

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VIDEO: Richard Simmons Gets You FIT to FLY!

If you’ve been on an airplane, you know the routine:  The crew does their presentation about safety, pointing out the exits and how to use your seat as a life preserver.  Yawn.  Same ol’ thing […]

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Eat Your Makeup!

Found at The Warehouse, the New Zealand equivalent of Wal-Mart. “Priced to clear”, I can’t imagine why! What would you buy this for? Hen parties? Children, who will be confused because they’ve just learned NOT […]

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MOVIE: The Horrors of Spider Island

I love how slutty these dance girls are in this B movie “The Horrors of Spider Island.” The dance troupe auditions are so campy that I’d love to see drag queen recreate it. Bonus, there’s […]

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VIDEO: Ben Quayle’s Political Ad- Improved

Wait for it! This video is going to enter the league of awesomeness.

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i love these .gifs from Showgirls and i think i have them in chronological order, no?

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Showgirls Lives on in Rena Riffel

Actress Rena Riffel, who played the dim-witted dancer Penny Hope in the camp classic “Showgirls,” seems to be single handedly revitalizing interest in the film and turn it into a bona fide franchise. Rena is […]

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