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FOF #2033 – Cameron Esposito Comes Back

For years Comedian Cameron Esposito was a regular on the podcast and even performed with us at a gay men’s bathhouse. Since then she’s moved to L.A. and done really well for herself.

Listen as we reconnect with America’s Lesbian Sweetheart Cameron Esposito about her Hollywood success, her working and romantic relationship with comedian Rhea Butcher and behind the scenes hijinks at Chelsea Lately.

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FOF #1467 – Fortune Smiles Upon Us

About a year ago comedian Fortune Feimster was worried she wasn’t going to be able to pay the bills but since then, her luck has changed, and Fortune’s now one of the permanent writers and roundtable guests on the popular TV show, Chelsea Lately.

Today the hilarious Fortune Feimster takes us behind the scenes of her new job and shares with us her insight into working for her funny and intimidating boss Chelsea Handler.

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VIDEO: Justin Bartha Talks to Cheslea Handler About Matthew McConaughey’s Beautiful Balls

Justin Bartha from the Hangover II talks about working with Bradley Cooper and seeing Matthew McConaughy’s beautiful balls.

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Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas Gay? Lo Bosworth and Chelsea Handler are Wondering

Remember JTT? Remember when Jonathan Taylor Thomas dominated teen magazines all they asked was what was their favorite color and music? I’ve always wondered if J.T.T. was gay, and what he’s up to these days […]

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FOF #1251 – Lady Gaga Yard Sale

Today we’re taking you behind the scenes of our yard sale- the cute Mexican kids we dressed up in drag, our kooky neighbors and the hot guys who sifted through our stuff.

Also on today’s show- Ian Benardo, the eccentric former contestant on American Idol who famously sang “Gloria” out of tune, is suing Idol for $100 million.

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