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FOF #2552 – Peaches Christ’s Evil Little Children

The holidays are upon us and we are about to be treated to the screaming sounds of children so it’s easy to imagine them as the starring monster in any horror film.

Today horror movie maniac Peaches Christ joins us to kick off the holiday season with a look at our favorite films that feature sweet little angels of death.

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VIDEO: Oh My Gosh!

Woman catches children making a mess in the living room.

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Photo: Electro Shock Smile Enhancer for Children

Finally there is an easy way to put a nice fake smile on your child’s face. The electro shock smile enhancer. The portion under the chin sends a constant pulse of electricity through your child’s […]

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Skinny Jeans For Kids, Or Fat Pants For Beginner Bulimics?

Let’s face it, fashion has come along way. Some of it has been great. Some of it has been, well, not so great. Then there are the fashion “innovations” that make you a little nauseous. […]

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VIDEO: Children Singing Lady Gaga

We’re not sure if this kid is going to grow up to be gay, but one thing is for sure, he’s already fabulous! Check out this video of Timmy, an adorable red-headed kid singing and […]

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