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FOF #2722 – The Bearded Belly Dancer

Initially drawn to belly dancing as a form of exercise, Kamrah soon discovered that it was a great way to express femininity which was something Kamrah always struggled with. But after a decade of gyrating those hips, Kamrah came out as trans male which put into question his identity as a belly dancer.

Today the fierce and fabulous Kamrah, Chicago’s first trans masculine belly dancer, joins us to talk about their journey in belly dancing

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FOF #2520 – Total Totality

Like stars in an disaster movie, we raced against the clock to find an unobstructed view during the Great American Eclipse of 2017. We dodged traffic and clouds to find the perfect spot to see the eclipse, the tiny Village of Makanda.

Today we’re giving you a first hand account of witnessing a total solar eclipse at the point of highest totality.

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FOF #2519 – Dancing with the Tsars

The hit TV program “Dancing with the Stars” ” shows the world what ballroom dancers have known for years- dancing isn’t just an art form, sometimes it’s a matter of life and death in fabulous sequined outfits.

Today, six time National Ukrainian Ballroom Champion Artem Lazarev joins us to talk about guys going shirtless to support Putin.

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VIDEO: Dancing Squid Bowl

How fresh do you like your seafood?

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Video: Up on the Pole

3 Divas from Australia get down on 5 meter flexible rods.

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VIDEO: ”Nobody Puts Baba in the Corner.”

This is a cute video of a “Turkish Baba” dancing to techno music for his grandkids.  Watch the kids’ reactions.  One is jammin’ with Baba in the highchair, and the other is completely uninterested.  I’ve […]

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VIDEO: Hot Salsa Dancing Dog

Check out this hot salsa dancing dog!!

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cows & cows & cows

Who needs a better explanation than that? It’s a movie about cows!

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Border Closing Meets Vogue + Facial Hair + Fashion

Here’s a video of the nightly ceremony associated with the border closing between India and Pakistan. We know there is no love lost between the two countries – the surprise is that they even open the border in the […]

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VIDEO: Impossibly Hot Brazilian Hunk Loves to Post Clips of Himself “Popping” It

Thanks to Lady Bunny, we got wind of this hilarious and incredibly hot video of this Brazilian hunk “popping” it, making his ass move in ways mother nature intended, but few are able to master. […]

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