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FOF # 2870 – Ending the Gay Blood Ban

Considering how important it is to give blood, every donor should be greeted with a pizza party when they give a pint of blood to a complete stranger.

Instead, some blood donors still get turned away if they answer yes to being men who have sex with other men.

Today gay rights activist JD Miller joins us to look at why the ban on gay blood donation persists even with its devastating impact on everyone’s health.

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FOF #2583 – A Drag Queen in Paris

Drag queens all around the world love using French words & names as part of their act. But what about drag queens in France? Surprisingly many of them use American sounding names and English expressions from their favorite TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today Parisian drag queen Sasha Kills joins us to talk about the drag scene en France.

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FOF #2129 – Dance as if Everybody is Watching & Loving It

A thick and juicy guy dancing at a concert has become an internet sensation after Internet trolls posted photos of him first dancing happily to the music and then later hanging his head in shame when he noticed some mean folks laughing at him.

Usually the story ends here, but folks on the Internet have led the charge to turn the Dancing Man’s frown upside down by raising over $35,000 dollars to throw him a big party.

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FOF #1863 – Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Entertainers that are just starting out are faced with a tricky situation- most of them don’t want to get painted into a corner with regards to things like their sexuality, gender or race, but at the same time, those unique qualities can really draw in an audience.

Joining us today is Natalie Jose who recently starred in Oprah’s Network reality TV series “My Life is a Joke” which followed five Chicago female comedians struggling with their careers on making people laugh.

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FOF #1773 – Pitbulls in Pantyhose

Size queens rejoice! A new study says that when it comes to the size of a man’s penis, size not only matters, but it’s actually what ultimately drove evolution to give humans the largest wangs in the jungle.

Today we’re taking a look at penis size and the intriguing study that says that even though bigger is better, there are diminishing returns when it comes to the size of your love rocket. Plus- pitbulls in pantyhose.

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FOF #1573 – How to Find Sex on the Internet

People use the Internet to find romantic relationships but others just want sex. But let’s face it, this stuff is new for everyone, and some people have no clue how to troll for tail.

Today comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the Beginner’s Guide to Anonymous Sex, tips, advice and crazy stories about looking for Mr. Right Now.

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FOF #1533 – Nice Girls Don’t Say Those Things

With the success of many openly gay comedians and TV shows like Modern Family and Glee, does being in the closet help entertainers or hurt them?

Today the very funny and unapologetic Jackie Monahan talks about how coming out as a comedian allows her to get away with anything. Plus- her fabulous sci-fi film, Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same.

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French Transgender Woman Hopes to Run for President in 2012

Brigitte Goldberg, transgender and president of Avenir 2012 (the future of 2012) revealed plans for her party and for her own presidential candidacy next year. The party is not exclusively for the trans community and […]

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French Parliament Rejects Gay Marriage Bill

French politicians rejected a bill presented by the opposition Socialist Party seeking to legalise same-sex marriage, despite growing public support for gay rights. The house, dominated by the ruling right-wing, Sarkozy’s UMP party, voted by […]

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VIDEO: Lost and Found Photos

In January, I posted about a cross country skier who developed film he found in the snow. He was quite surprised at the quality of the photography and wanted to find out who took such […]

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