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Stonewall Uprising Airs Tonight on PBS

Stonewall- it wasn’t the start of the gay rights movement but the uprising galvanized the community like no other action. “The film “Stonewall Uprising” which airs tonight on PBS, details the landmark call to action. […]

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House Hearing on Defending Doma

The House of Reps is trying to figure out if it’s worth their while to defend DOMA and I’m guessing this is probably the first of many hearings on the issue. As long as they […]

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Religious Right’s Effort to Stop Anti-Bullying Programs in Schools

As states and school districts work to stem a tide of anti-gay bullying in American schools, the Religious Right is leading a concerted effort to stop programs that seek to protect LGBT youth. The People […]

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The Man Behind the 2010 Marriage Tour Supported by NOM Now Supports Marriage Equality.

Louis J. Marinelli, a former anti-gay marriage advocate explains how he comes to realize that gay people are real people and how he turns his views around to support civil marriages. This sounds genuine and […]

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VIDEO: 80 Year Old Iowa Grandmother Speaks in Favor of Gay Marriage

80 year old grandmother speaks about her gay son, his marriage and the effect the gay marriage debate is having on her and her family.

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Eat a Live Rat for Gay Rights in Uganda

It seems that eating live rats is a form of protest in Uganda. One man, whose father also ate live rats in front of the president says “I can eat more rats before the president […]

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VIDEO: Pen Politics – The Signing of the Civil Unions Bill in Illinois

Gov. Pat Quinn’s wrist must be sore. Why did they use so many pens?

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Under our noses: Chicago LGBT folk should watch Meeks closely

Anti-choice and anti-gay mega-church pastor and State Senator Reverend Meeks wants to unite Chicago’s African American community behind his bid for mayor, but when he gets there, will he make this haven a living hell for LGBT citizens? His record says yes.

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VIDEO: ”Traditional” Marriage

This video is great.  It’s kinda nuts calling it “traditional” marriage when the Vatican has same-sex marriage rites in its vaults and same-sex marriage predates Christianity.  It’s described in detail in our oldest biblical records. […]

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Military Surveyed Troops In 1940s, Prior To Racial Integration

Much like the recent survey sent out to 400,000 military service members to gauge their reaction to working with gay people, the military also sent one asking troops about working with African Americans. The questions […]

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