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Lady Gaga Ends Partnership With Target Over the Gays

This is an unconfirmed story, but I did just have my birthday and this would be the perfect gift from Our Lady of Gaga. [Yes, I’m 352 years old.]  Anyway, according to Huffpo who cites […]

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Huffington Post: DADT- What Now?

In yet another disappointing blow to the LGBT community, its allies, and equality, the Republicans in the Senate (with the help of two Blue Dog Democrats) successfully filibustered and killed the Defense Authorization Bill which […]

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Sarah Palin Impersonator Spits on Interviewer

Ok, so maybe it was just an ibex.  But this is why you never interview a goat-like animal.  As HuffPo asserts, they are total d-bags.

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VIDEO: What the Heck is a Marmot?

To answer your question, the Huffington Post has brought this video to your attention. Also, he’s fat and enjoys biscuits.

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Joseph Erbentraut writes in the Huffington Post about his feelings about Boystown, the primary gay neighborhood in Chicago:

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How Adult is Gay?

I was reading this article on the Huffington Post about the sit-in at Dick Durbin’s office and at the bottom I saw this “Bing Box” of a related search. I was interested in the Chicago […]

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The End of An Era: Law & Order Cancelled

According to the Huffington Post, NBC may have decided to cancel “Law & Order” after its 20th season.  I can’t say that I’m upset, I’ve never actually watched an episode.  However, could this mean an […]

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Battle of the Brains!

Gay Rights? Now, I Get It! Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago On April 3, I was one of several individuals who received the following email from Sharon […]

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Depression, Politics and Relationships

With Valentine’s Day coming and elections being held, we can all use a lesson in keeping it real. Here’s an good article from the Huffington Post by Michael Yapko, Clinical Psychologist, Author This week’s election […]

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King or Queen?

The Huff Post asks who will be the next King or Queen or talk show hosts now that Oprah is leaving? So, which category does Anderson Cooper fall in?

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