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FOF #2694 – Three Kinds of Monsters

Writer Steven Stafford joins us to talk about his new play “Small Jokes About Monsters” which portrays a family at odds with each other after reading a devastating letter written by their dead father. Also joining us is queer actor Esteban Andres Cruz who stars in the play as Ryan.

Listen as we chat with Steven and Esteban about the play and how family members each use humor differently to cope with crisis.

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VIDEO: Let the Parodies Unfold of Rick Perry’s “Strong” Anti-Gay Ad

Making history as one of the most unpopular videos on YouTube, everybody is scrambling to make a parody video of Rick Perry’s “Strong” Anti-Gay Ad. Besides the excellent one done by Second City, here’s some […]

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RuPaul’s Drag Race- Muppet Drag Queen Audition Tape

I saw this being shared by Manila Luzon on facebook, and I laughed so much. The quality of this video is so nice, and I would love to actually see this little muppet be a […]

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Masturbation Jar: True Story or Urban Legend?

Since it’s going around the internet, I had to post this delightful cartoon about a guy who tried to patent the idea of a masturbation jar. I’m guessing if this really happened, the guy just […]

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Who Said It: Charlie Sheen or Ron Burgundy?

See how well you do identifying who said what. (Let your mouse hover over the quote to see the answer.)

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BP Should Follow Their Own Policy


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Commercial Break- Aretha Franklin’s Snickers Ad

Apparently being hungry or going on long road trips with your buddy will make you gay, or at least a bytchy diva. Check out this hilarious superbowl ad featuring Aretha Franklin (and Liza Minelli.) Weather […]

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Techno Chicken

Suddenly I’m craving Ecstasy and KFC. (click Techno Chicken link above)

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Steak House or Gay Bar

Given only the name, you’re asked to determine if it’s a steak house or a gay bar. I guessed around 30 and got only a third of them right. It’s tricky!

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