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FOF #2055 – Get Bent

Do you remember 80s psychic Uri Geller who claimed to be able to bend spoons with the power of his mind? He’s back now saying the reason why Apple’s new iPhone 6’s are bending is because of our mental collective excitement over the device.

Today we’re joined by Tommy Holl to take a look at why psychics are more than just harmless fun, and how to handle disappointment, when you don’t get what you want, and especially don’t get what you need.

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FOF #1657 – How to Catch a Man

There are hot men everywhere, but how do you get one to notice you?

Listen as the hilarious Meredith Kachel chats with us on how to get people to notice you and think of you as a slutty sex symbol. Why does it seem your homely friend gets all the action? What is the best way to approach a hot guy?

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What? No iPhone 5!? Breathe Baby Breathe

Drama! Tim Cooks debut’s as Apple’s new Steve Jobs hit high marks, with audiences everywhere giving the new CEO high marks for his keynote today where they announced the iPhone 4S. And one more thing… […]

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Protest Apple’s Sponsorship of Anti-Gay Phone App!

The notorious anti-gay organization “Exodus International” — which says lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people can and should be made heterosexual through prayer — has launched an I-Phone app designed to popularize its messages of […]

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Apple Releases “Ping”, A New Social Networking Feature For iTunes

Just the other day, whilst I was listening to my new favorite song “I Like That” by the Static Revengers on my iPhone, it occurred to me that Apple has dabbled in most forms of […]

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IPhone Users Are Sluts!

According to Gizmodo iPhone users have twice as much sex as Android users. See the full article with graphs on the Gizmodo website.

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Apple’s iPhone Gets Strong Competition From Motorola’s Droid X

Apple’s iPhone has changed everything, twice. It also has existing AT&T related reception problems, non-AT&T related reception problems, and can burst into flames when charging. But who’s counting?!?! After all, its an Apple product! But […]

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Google VS. Apple: Round 4,568

Google and Apple are not friends, let’s be clear. Until recently, with Google’s entrance into the app market/smart phone world with Android, the two companies were not really in direct competition.  But as we all […]

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iPhone 4 Actually The Cheapest To Own

Of the latest rounds of SmartPhones, has found that the iPhone is the cheapest one to own in the long run. BillShrink lined up some of the hottest new smart phones – iPhone 4, […]

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VIDEO: Jane Lynch vs the iPhone 4

Just after Apple’s launch of the new iPhone, the video comedy web-series Electric Spoofaloo posted an new iPhone 4.0 parody ad starring Glee’s Jane Lynch.

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