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FOF #1464 – Change is Coming

In the years since we started podcasting, a lot has changed about how we think of gay men’s health and sexuality.

Join us today as we walk down memory lane with Jim Pickett to look back at the live podcast forums we’ve done together and the life lessons we’ve learned.

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FOF #1358 – The Battle Over HIV Prevention

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation launched a national ad campaign to discredit PrEP or Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, a new HIV prevention technique that involves taking Truvada (an existing HIV medication) on a daily basis.

Why is the leadership of the nation’s largest AIDS organization arguing against a treatment that could potentially save millions of gay men from becoming HIV positive?

FOF #1330 – Get Your Butt Out of the Sand

Your body is a magical wonderland waiting to be explored, but proceed with caution because risks may be lurking around the backside. You can’t just stick your butt in the sand and pretend there’s nothing behind there to deal with.

Today health advocate Jim Pickett joins us to answer your vital questions about your butt.

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FOFA #742 – Live from Steamworks

We packed up the microphones and recording equipment and took our booties down to the “Sexiest Place on Earth,” also known as Steamworks on 3246 N Halsted Street in Chicago.

Listen as Jim Pickett, Tracy Tyler, Sal-E and his surprise guest Teriyaki, Marc Felion and me, Fausto Fernós share our wit and wisdom with the good people at Steamworks.

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FOF #1253 – Rubber Lover

Your new boyfriend may give you a whole lot more than just a box of chocolates. Most people know that using condoms for casual sex is important, but new studies show that an alarming number of HIV infections happen when guys fall in love.

So when is it okay to stop using condoms with your boyfriend and still be safe? How soon is too soon?

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FOF #1037 – Whose Death Panel is it Anyway?

AIDS activist Jim Pickett sheds light to Republican tactics of stalling health care reform.

FOF #959 – How Are You Fabulous?

How are you healthy? How are you fabulous? Gay men’s health blogger and advocate Jim Pickett is on today’s show. Jim’s reaching out to the fellas everywhere to write about ways they stay healthy. For […]

FOF #919 – Canary in the Coal Mine of Crazy

Change is on the way! Obama’s health care leadership dramatically departs from the Bush days of dogma and ideology and moves forward into science-based decision making. Today we have Jim Pickett, AIDS activist and cheeky […]

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FOF #884 – Tunnel of Love

A healthy booty is a happy one! The butt is the final frontier, not just for food leaving the body, but it’s also a psychological, sexual place wherein lies desire and identity. In many ways, […]

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FOF #869 – Gay is Good

What are some of the big issues facing gay men’s health? On today’s show we’ve got the fabulous Jim Pickett- director of Advocacy for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and blogger for Lifelube, the gay […]

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