FOF #919 – Canary in the Coal Mine of Crazy

Jan 28, 2009 · 1985 views

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Change is on the way! Obama’s health care leadership dramatically departs from the Bush days of dogma and ideology and moves forward into science-based decision making. Today we have Jim Pickett, AIDS activist and cheeky […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    Lesbian cows with big tongues and big pussies. I nearly crashed the car laughing. Thank you FOF! Fausto your Hermanos de Luna y Sol poster is beautiful.

  2. Thank you Cliff! Here is a link to some of the great Puerto Rican silk screen poster makers who inspired the look:

  3. Wish I could have been in Chicago for the Latin Gay Men forum! There is nothing better than a bunch of hot gay Latin guys 馃檪 Might even make the cold weather worth the trip. Hope the gathering went well.

  4. Rhea says:

    Doesn’t penis-o-meter rhyme with pedometer or kilometre?

  5. input your comment here…so where do you find the hot video encouraging testicular self-examination that jim pickett talked about?

  6. The link was in the show notes but here’s the video anyway:

  7. I would want to get my nuts tested every day!

  8. Marcin says:

    Cliff, I completely agree. I enjoy more “serious” shows, like the ones we listened to recently, but nothing beats the pure comedy, and I haven’t laughed so hard for a long time. I nearly snorted out my drink when I heard “A penguin stole my baby”. 馃榾

  9. Philip says:

    Regarding the Japanese toilet paper excess, I recommend a version of the following limerick be posted in every affected potty:
    “This is a Belizean loo,
    Designed to take nothing but poo;
    When done with the crapper,
    Use the bin for your paper;
    It’s the ecologically smart thing to do”

    I composed this for my home in Belize ( that has a septic tank. Guests read this is they wipe and I can report high levels of paper/turd-sorting compliance. Translating it into Japanese may wreak havoc with the scansion though.

  10. Kieran says:

    I have one of those J toilets and they leave you so fresh. You can adjust the water temperature. But, we don’t have the one with the drier. Hence, paperless.

    Public toilets in Japan stink to high heaven. Beyond putrid. Station toilets are barely better.

    Somerset is an island off the south coast of England.

    Gay animals are such a delight, aren’t they? A good present for the pope maybe?

    Again, a great programme and thanks for the wonderful video of the rugby men groping themselves.

  11. jimberly says:

    Quick update on the “Hermanos de Luna y Sol” forum — we had over 100 people there. Great food, fascinating presentations by Drs Rafael Diaz and Jesus Ramires-Valles on promoting community involvement as a way to fight HIV and address gay and HIV stigma, and wonderful entertainment by Nuestro Tambo to close it out.

    For those interested, we will be posting the Drs PowerPoint slides on LifeLube either today or early next week – depends on when I have a minute or two.

    Next forums scheduled (with Feast of Fools as hosts) are May 20, August 17 (in conjunction with the 2009 LGBTI Health Summit here in Chicago, and Nov 11) – lipstick these dates into your calendars ladies.

  12. Always a delight to have the lovely Jim on the show! I LOVE when Fausto does the spanish accents too. 馃檪

  13. I heard you guys talk about the video and kind of pictured it in my head. The clip surpassed my own imagination. It’s such an innocent clip…but the way it’s shot is so damn hot. Too bad that doesn’t happen in any of the gyms I went to in school.

  14. Zoomer says:

    I like the way Jim says “booty.”

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