FOF #959 – How Are You Fabulous?

Mar 27, 2009 · 1985 views

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How are you healthy? How are you fabulous? Gay men’s health blogger and advocate Jim Pickett is on today’s show. Jim’s reaching out to the fellas everywhere to write about ways they stay healthy. For […]


  1. Wesley says:

    Mr. Pickett is so great! He makes me think harder.

  2. I Adore Jim Pickett ! For years he’s was a brilliant writer and now he’s come into his own as a realistic activist focusing on what I would call the “positives of being positive”. I agree with him that everyone is healthy in some way. Treating health issues with fear and obsession, as “If we don’t live healthy then we’ll get sick” is an old fashioned attitude which only creates more stress and let’s face it stress can kill you as quickly as any other vice. I am pleased to see Jim “Flip the Script” in his discussion of health issues and make the focus on what we’re doing right to live healthy. BRAVO !

  3. Comment on Pope Benedict discouraging condoms and adding to the problem of a horrible epidemic that already exists at an alarming rate in Africa. The Catholic Church can only maintain control of their colonization and missions in these third world countries only if these people are completely vulnerable and devastated. Only then can the church fulfill it’s selfish purpose of converting these people to it’s ideologies. It’s like saying Convert to Catholicism and we’ll provide you with food, medicine, education and orphanages for your sick and needy. This actually goes against everything Jesus stands for.

  4. jimberly says:

    Thanks for the shuga hons!

    Would love to have you both, and anyone else who is reading this, participate in the “How are you healthy?” campaign. All ya gotta do is answer the question, and send a pic, to and we will post it up on the blog and keep the conversation rolling.

    You can read previous “How are you healthy?” entries here to see what other people have said so far.

    And ya know, Fausto and Marc did it, so you should too 馃檪

  5. WARNING says:

    Masterbation does NOT prevent prostate cancer. I can CAUSE it if your in your twenties

  6. WARNING says:

    Masturbation causes prostate cancer according to the university of nottingham (if your under 40)

  7. Um that study is SO flawed and inconclusive. Rub away folks, trust me on that one.

    The study this guy is probably talking about puts the cart before the horse. Young horny guys probablly run a higher risk of prostate cancer because they naturally have more androgen hormones running through their bodies.

    From WebMD:
    “it’s not masturbation itself that’s increasing prostate cancer risk in young men. More masturbation may just mean more sex drive — and more androgens bathing prostate tissues.”

    Here is another study that suggests that masturbating will cut cancer risk no matter what your age:

    Everything in moderation, but masturbation does not cause cancer. Period.

  8. I hope I can explain this properly. As a guy in his early 40s I think I have more in common with gay friends in their 70s than I do with friends in their 20s because, culturally, I have more in common with the older guys. I think it’s because, despite the age difference we shared much of the same gay culture growing up as there was so little of it around, whilst younger guys aren’t exposed to the same things nowadays as things move so quickly now.

    I can sit and discuss old b&w movies or stars from the 30s with older friends as it was not only part of their history, but also part of mine. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, TV was still full of old movies and TV series, even at peak times. (In the UK ‘Gone With The Wind’ didn’t get it’s first TV showing until the late 70s for example, despite being made in 1939 so it was an exciting thing).
    Nowadays, things move so quickly I’ll often mention something to a younger friend and they won’t know who I’m talking about. One had never heard of Judy Garland for example, and mad as it sounds, it’s understandable, when old movies rarely see the light of day on mainstream TV anymore and we just expect people to know.
    Not just movies, but the media’s obsession with youth means stars from my formative years have disappeared, whilst I was exposed to people like Ethel Merman, Bette Davis, Carol Channing etc through appearances on Variety Shows and such like.
    Does any of that make sense? I think I’ll go and clear my prostrate.

    As for Darth Vader, you might enjoy

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