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VIDEO: Katy Perry Covers Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”

Katy Perry covers Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” in a concert in Paris. I wonder how she delivered the trans, Lebanese, Orient part of of the song. Did she not do it or did she deliver the whole message?

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VIDEO: Princeton Swim Team LipSync…for Their Life!

Katy Perry is a hit with the Ivy League! “Sashay, you stay.”

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VIDEO: Karen Gillan Mocks Katy Perry’s Fauxbian Hit

I didn’t really care much for the Doctor’s new Companion, but this wins her points in my book.

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Katty Perry Needs Marriage Counselling

Katy then realised her relationship may need some attention, according to reports in Life & Style magazine. Brand was the inspiration for her ‘You think I’m pretty without any makeup on’ lyrics in her Teenage […]

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Katy Perry Wants to be the Next Jocelyn Wildenstein

I’m sure she’s just kidding, but Katy Perry just said she wants to be the next Jocelyn Wildenstein while looking like Madonna. Or is it the other way around? From the Mirror: “Well Madonna’s 50 […]

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VIDEO: Mormon Girls Take on Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s career comes full circle as some mormon kids in Provo, Utah put out their own polygamous take on Katy Perry’s California Girls. Katy Perry music career began as a Christian recording artist. Perry […]

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VIDEO: Panda is Katy Perry – Circle the Drain

Michael Lehet lip synchs to Katy Perry’s “Circle the Drain.”

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If Katy Perry Crapped in a Pizza Box, Would You Eat It?

Tomorrow I will be attempting to launch a column called “New Gay Icons” that I’ve been brewing for a while. The reason is that I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the spate of contemporary pop stars that crop up out of nowhere, declare themselves to be “gay icons,” throw a couple rainbows or dudes kissing into their videos then dust off their hands and move on.

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VIDEO: Banned Katy Perry Skit From Sesame Street

Parents deemed Katy Perry’s dress too racy, so Sesame Street pulled her skit. What do you think? Did Katy’s dress belong only on the corner of Sesame Street? Elmo didn’t seem to mind.

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Video: The ”California Gays” Show Us Their Peacock

The Katy Perry lovin twinks behind the internet sensation “California Gays” are back with their take on what Katy Perry hopes will be a big gay anthem.  Strange that they don’t even really show any […]

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